2015 Draft Analysis


Nebraska runner Ameer Abdullah's 43-yard touchdown vs. Illinois offers a sound example of the difficulties of judging speed without a stopwatch, but why it's still as important as the 40-time. Photo by MGoBlog.
Nebraska runner Ameer Abdullah. Photo by MGoBlog.

The essays, analysis, and scouting reports about recent NFL Draft prospects come from research I undertake to write the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Publication. Now in the eighth year of publication, the RSP is the best of both worlds: a summarized magazine of reports, rankings, and analysis that also shows its work at the back of the book. It covers 175 skill position prospects and is ready for download.

Purchase the 2014 RSP for $19.95 and get a free post-draft add-on a week (no later than 7 days) after the NFL Draft with rankings across positions and analysis of how these players fit within the scheme and depth charts of their new teams. Past issues (2006-2012) are available for $9.95 apiece. Take a video tour of either publication.  Best yet, the RSP gives back – 10 percent of every RSP sale is donated to Darkness To Light, a non-profit devoted to training the community to protect children from sexual abuse. Download the 2013 RSPs or  past issues now.

Get the early bird discount by pre-ordering the 2015 RSP now through February 10! 

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