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Musts -The best information site for fantasy football. I felt that way since 1999 – even while I was working for another quality fantasy football site. David Dodds and Joe Bryant consistently recruit good people to develop strong content and applications that make the average fantasy owner’s life a breeze. And Footballguys sets to the bar to satisfy even the hardcore fantasy owners because its content covers Dynasty, IDP, and Auctions.  Even if I lost my mind and left and the staff was the same as it is now, I’d still have it at the top of the list.

FFLibrarian – Sara Holladay is a fantastic resource for anyone searching for free fantasy information. Her blog provides quick summaries of recommended articles for the week. If you’re a fantasy owner, I highly recommend you subscribe.

Pro Football Reference – One of the best sites for football stats around, period, end of story. There are also quality articles with a statistical bent. I would have never had success as a fantasy football writer without this site.

Quality Sites

Razzball – Chet Gresham is a prolific writer and a true presence on Twitter. His style is fun and informative.

Kevin Kolb: Some Seattle radio guy heard from his uncle’s third cousin that the Seahawks offered the Eagles a 1st and 3rd round pick for Kolb. If this is true it seems a little steep for Mr. Kolb. But the Seachickens are paying Charlie Whitehurst 4 million dollars this season, so who knows? I am on the fence about Kolb’s value, but I’d rather see him go to Arizona where a banana peel would be an upgrade over what they sarcastically call quarterbacks.

I always enjoy humor infused information as long as its not overboard and I think he strikes the right balance.

Fantasy Intersection – Another good site that combs the web for quality fantasy information.

Dynasty League Info – I like what Eric Dickens and company are doing there. Nice-looking site, too. Here’s a great review about the site. – Bryan Fontaine and Andy Miley understand the game – give it a spin.

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