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  • 2013 RSP Flashback: RB Zac Stacy

    2013 RSP Flashback: RB Zac Stacy

    The 2014 Rookie Scouting Portfolio is now available for pre-order for it’s April 1 release. Here’s a sample from 2013 of the underrated Zac Stacy. There is not much flash in Stacy’s game, but there is plenty of substance. The Commodores runner has a low center of gravity and good power to keep his legs […]

  • RSP Publication Update

    RSP Publication Update

    The RSP is still on schedule for reader download on April 1. I finished my last budgeted game of film study Friday night. Here is the rough list of players who will appear in the pre-draft publication. There are a handful of players who have not declared for the draft on this list. They will […]

  • 2014 RSP Early Bird Discount

    2014 RSP Early Bird Discount

    Pre-order the 2014 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Until February 10 for $17.95! “Best thing I’ll buy this year . . .”                  -Bob Harris, Fantasy Football Hall Fame inductee and editor of Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc. For the past three years, I’ve had readers ask me to make the RSP available for pre-order. My first thought […]

  • RSP Flashback: Overrated (McFadden/Jones) – Underrated (Forte)

    RSP Flashback: Overrated (McFadden/Jones) – Underrated (Forte)

    The 2008 RB class was a defining moment for my development as a draft analyst.  The love for Darren McFadden was off the charts. Meanwhile there was a back toiling away in New Orleans who I thought was much better. It was another lesson in sticking to what you see and explaining it all in […]

  • Remember The Name: C.J. Anderson

    Remember The Name: C.J. Anderson

    In a season where quality running back production has been as scarce as ever, it’s vital to consider talent that has lurked behind the scenes. Broncos rookie C.J. Anderson is that kind of player. The former backup at Cal is getting a shot with Denver’s active roster this weekend ahead of Ronnie Hillman, who won’t […]

  • Win a 2013 RSP Today – CONTEST CLOSED

    Win a 2013 RSP Today – CONTEST CLOSED

    I’m giving gave away three 10 Rookie Scouting Portfolios today. This is over 1400 pages of pre-draft and post-draft gold distilled into an easy-to-access reference guide for fantasy owners and draftniks alike. If you’re one of the first three people to find the page on my site and give the correct answers, you win. Details/Clues […]

  • 2013 RSP Reports Sample

    Depending on how you found the RSP blog, you either know me as a football talent evaluator or a fantasy football writer. Studying NFL prospects has helped me understand why a fantasy draft approach like the Upside Down Strategy has value – even in a year where there appears to be a lot of depth […]

  • Jadeveon Clowney RSP Contest Winners

    Jadeveon Clowney RSP Contest Winners

    A couple of weeks ago I asked you to name this hit and after looking through a few hundred entries (thanks – no, seriously) I narrowed them down to 20. Some that made the list of 20, but didn’t make the final cut were timely (Sharknado) or a devilish play on words (Smears of a […]

  • The Jadeveon Clowney RSP Contest

    The Jadeveon Clowney RSP Contest

    I can’t think of a better tone setter for the college football season/2014 NFL Draft season than a piece on South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. I’m writing a piece on him for the fall and I want you to help me come up with clever names for what happens on this play below. The […]

  • Coming Soon at the RSP Blog

    When it has come to this blog, I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks writing the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Post-Draft and some soon-to-be released Gut Check columns at Footballguys. Once I get fully into my spring-summer groove, I’ll have content for the blog. How long will it take? Maybe another week. Part […]