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  • Update on 2016 RSP Download

    Update on 2016 RSP Download

    Everything is on schedule. Just checking in… I have one more chapter to edit and package. Barring any complications with uploading the document to the server, you should expect the RSP some time tomorrow morning. I will email those of you who have already ordered the RSP as well as announce its availability here and […]

  • Early January Brain Dump

    Early January Brain Dump

    I’ve been making a lot of short videos this year in lieu of written articles. If you miss the written pieces, let me know. And if you miss the written pieces, you’ll probably appreciate today’s quick download of thoughts from my “first pass” at prospects between June and December. These are initial impressions. Some, if […]

  • Reads Listens Views 1/1/2016

    Welcome to the draft season, Vad Lee’s Rorschach answer, 2016 RSP Early-Bird Welcome If you’re new to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog, welcome.  On Fridays I post links to pieces that I’ve found personally compelling or to content I hope will scratch that itch, but I haven’t read yet. As I’ve long said about this […]

  • 2016 RSP Early Bird Discount!

    2016 RSP Early Bird Discount!

    Pre-order the 2016 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Until January 22 for $17.95! “The best thing I’ll buy all year…” -Bob Harris, Hall of Fame Fantasy Writer “The problem is that the RSP represents such an advantage, I can’t bear to tell my 22 year-old dynasty league owners about it.” @Ikonoclast via Twitter “Best value in the game […]

  • Cardinals RB David Johnson: A Pre-Draft RSP Summary

    Cardinals RB David Johnson: A Pre-Draft RSP Summary

    I’m a big proponent about context over rankings. What I reported on David Johnson explains why.  Note the team choices in the analysis from March-April. I’ve had my share of rankings successes and failures, but I’ve never been one to get too hooked on the number when I’m not creating a board for a specific […]

  • A Special Thank You

    A Special Thank You

    If you bought the Rookie Scouting Portfolio this year, thank you for making a difference with protecting children and communities.  Listen. Every year since 2012, 10 percent of each sale of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication has been donated to combat sexual abuse. It’s helps. There’s tremendous value of having a knowledgeable community about this issue. We […]

  • I Hear My Train A Comin’: RB Karlos Williams

    I Hear My Train A Comin’: RB Karlos Williams

    [Author’s Note: I wrote this exactly a year and a day ago, but never published it. I tend to let some of my drafts collect dust as something else comes to my attention. I gave it a look today and decided to publish it. I also added my RSP pre-draft sample to the end of […]

  • Gut Check Week 7: Diggin’ In

    Gut Check Week 7: Diggin’ In

    Stefon Diggs RSP Sample, Mettenberger-to-DGB, QBs to ride, and options I still believe in.  Welcome to my in-season column. If you’re seeking strategic tips, match-up advice, game observations, IDP info, and dynasty advice with a little bit of current “football” events opinion (if anything involving the madness of the NFL commissioner’s office actually qualifies) added […]

  • Inside the Pylon Podcast Appearance

    Inside the Pylon Podcast Appearance

    I joined Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda of Inside the Pylon for their weekly podcast: About the RSP Scheme fit and talent. Dion Lewis analysis. Tre McBride analysis. Marcus Mariota’s transition. 2016 Prospects. Listen to the podcast here.

  • Carlos Hyde RSP Sample

    Carlos Hyde RSP Sample

    Carlos Hyde is a great example of a player that underscores my philosophy about evaluation. I enjoy when I have a player ranked accurately on a numerical scale, but it’s not even close to the most important thing about player evaluation.  The most important thing about a good numerical ranking is that it brings certain people […]