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  • Christian Hackenberg: Declarations and Hesitations

    Christian Hackenberg: Declarations and Hesitations

    David Igono’s deep dive into Jets’ new QB Christian Hackenberg. Watching multiple exposures of Christian Hackenberg has taken me back to a period of college where I struggled mightily before I had a breakthrough. It wasn’t on the football field, but in the classroom. From the beginning of high school through my sophomore year of […]

  • Super Bowl Takes

    Super Bowl Takes

    Cam, Peyton, Wade’s crew, Bill, Roger, and Marshawn headline my thoughts on this weekend of football. One can imagine it began sometime this fall at 345 Park Avenue… The Vice President of League Merchandising–or whatever the title is of the person on the executive team in charge of league apparel–is in a conference room reporting […]

  • RSP Boiler Room: WR Braxton Miller

    RSP Boiler Room: WR Braxton Miller

    Miller has grown since his first game, but this route against Virginia Tech gives you an idea of things he’s had to learn and areas that will require continued focus as he refines his NFL athletic ability into NFL receiving ability. For analysis of skill players in this year’s draft class, download the 2016 Rookie Scouting Portfolio – […]

  • Rod Marinelli: Mickey Goldmill and the Physics of Defensive Line Play

    Rod Marinelli: Mickey Goldmill and the Physics of Defensive Line Play

      Widely recognized as one of the best teachers in the game, Rod Marinelli’s direct, passionate, encouraging, and personable demeanor was on display throughout practice. As I stalked Rod Marinelli from one end of Ladd-Peebles Stadium today, I kept hearing Mickey Goldmill and Richard Feynman in my head. Stay with me. The parallels to Rocky Balboa’s […]

  • North Practice Day 1

    North Practice Day 1

    Waldman’s insights on the skill players from the Dallas-led practice session.  My goal isn’t to create clickbait, so don’t read too much into practices. I state this every year and I’ll continue doing so until there’s reason to say something different. It doesn’t mean there aren’t worthwhile nuggets from practice. Here are some of the players […]

  • The Senior Bowl Weigh-In: Where Size No Longer Matters

    The Senior Bowl Weigh-In: Where Size No Longer Matters

    Many of the best NFL schematic trends are born and developed in college. The Miami 4-3 front of Jimmy Johnson spurred the development of smaller, speedier players at every front seven position. Johnson couldn’t successfully recruit five star players with an elite combination of size and talent at Oklahoma State. So he recruited smaller players […]

  • Defenders I’ll Be Watching In Mobile

    Defenders I’ll Be Watching In Mobile

    Bramel shares where practice helps analysts value defensive prospects and who he’ll be watching perform these drills in Mobile. Some argue the limited playbook and lack of full contact during team drills prevent a full reckoning of a defensive player’s talent during Senior Bowl practices. I always counter that there’s much to see in the […]

  • Who and What I’ll Be Watching in Mobile

    Who and What I’ll Be Watching in Mobile

    Once again, Jene Bramel and I will be providing coverage of the Senior Bowl practices. Stay tuned and see my initial thoughts as we head to Mobile. Quarterbacks I won’t be spending a lot of time watching quarterback play at Senior Bowl practices. I’ve seen enough from most of the participants on film. What I haven’t […]

  • Pre-Order the 2016 RSP!

    Pre-Order the 2016 RSP!

    Pre-order the 2016 Rookie Scouting Portfolio available for download April 1.  “The best thing I’ll buy all year…” -Bob Harris, Hall of Fame Fantasy Writer “The problem is that the RSP represents such an advantage, I can’t bear to tell my 22 year-old dynasty league owners about it.” @Ikonoclast via Twitter “Best value in the […]

  • Waldman & McDonald Talking Falcons

    Waldman & McDonald Talking Falcons

    The Frenzied Falcon podcast is an Atlanta Falcons based podcast. This is a new forum for Falcons analysis along with work posted over at The Falcoholic. The podcast will be posted roughly once every two weeks. Listen to episode 2. Episode Two – 1/23/16 Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and joined Charles McDonald […]