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  • Reads Listens Views 10/24/2013

    Reads Listens Views 10/24/2013

    Thanks If you’re new to the RSP blog, every Friday I post Reads Listens Views – items I’m consuming on the Internet. Some of it is football, a lot of it isn’t. You won’t like everything I share, but I believe you’ll like at least one thing each week. It’s also a chance for me […]

  • Reads Listens Views: 10/18/2013

    Reads Listens Views: 10/18/2013

    This week’s RLVs includes a sample report on former Houston Cougars’ QB Case Keenum, who will be starting for the Texans this weekend. The rest of RLV? Your normal fare of stuff on my reading, listening, and viewing list, which of course is anything but normal.  RSP Sample: Texans’ New Starting QB Case Keenum Keenum […]

  • Reads Listens Views 10/11/13

    Reads Listens Views 10/11/13

    Listens I Football Reads Football Outsiders’ Film Room: Cian Fahey illustrating plays from the pros that oftentimes were similar to what I showed about them at the college level (Tannehill and Wilson). Coverage of Fantasy Throwdown’s Tourney – Mike MacGregor’s one-on-one fantasy game is one you have to check out. Concussion Watch – Frontline tracks […]

  • Reads Listens Views 10/5/2013

    Reads Listens Views 10/5/2013

    Listens – Miles Smiles “Jean Pierre” Better late than never, right? That’s how I see it when it comes to posting Reads Listens Views. This Saturday version of RLV includes the usual football/non-football web content that I’ve been reading (or saving for when time permits) and some commentary about three things that have nothing to […]

  • Reads Listens Views 9/27/2013

    Reads Listens Views 9/27/2013

    Listens I – Moto Perpetuo as performed by Sergei Nakariakov This little ditty was composed for violin, but Nakariakov performs this endless tire drill with articulation (think footwork for running backs) that would put Barry Sanders to shame. By the way I listened to Wynton Marsalis perform this, but he slurred everything. Nothing wrong with […]

  • Reads Listens Views 9/20/2013

    Reads Listens Views 9/20/2013

    Commentary: Trent Richardson Trade Sigmund Bloom called me today on the heels of the Richardson-to-Colts deal. Two weeks prior, I was a guest On The Couch with Bloom explaining to him and Scott Pianowski that Richardson appeared tentative and wasn’t exploiting plays the way he should in the zone blocking scheme. “It sounds like your […]

  • Reads Listens Views: Friday the 13th of 2013

    Reads Listens Views: Friday the 13th of 2013

    Commentary: Thursday Night’s Game I have several thoughts to share about the Jets-Pats game: Turn on something electronic – a TV, a computer, a phone, or for you super-rich folks, a pair of spectacles – and you’ll that the Thursday Night match-up was a dog. A wet, smelly dog shaking itself all over your living […]

  • Reads Listens Views 9/6/2013

    Reads Listens Views 9/6/2013

    Views I: The One Specific Type of Play Where Speed Impresses As studly as this play is, without his skills that account for 95% of his talent I wouldn’t have cared less. Still fun to see a 230-lb. back outpace a good angle by a defensive back. By the way stay tuned for my analysis […]

  • Reads Listens Views 8/30/2013

    Reads Listens Views 8/30/2013

    Now What? Andre Brown is gone and David Wilson will be a hot commodity. The same people hot for Wilson will probably be less thrilled about the Giants running back in the first month if Footballguys writer Matt Bitonti is correct about his assessment of New York’s offensive line. On our Thursday Night Audible podcast, […]

  • Reads Listens Views 8/23/2013

    Reads Listens Views 8/23/2013

    Dynasty Alert: Baltimore WR Marlon Brown If you were on Twitter last night, I lucked into a bit of a Nostradamus act. I saw former Georgia wide receiver Marlon Brown take the field and make his first reception and I promptly told my followers he was a player to monitor. I shared my thoughts about […]