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  • Cal WR Keenan Allen: Creating Separation With His Hands

    I’ll still be writing about 2012 NFL Draft prospects in the coming months, but with the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio in the books – and available for download – I’m also beginning my work for next year’s draft. See below. If you’ve been reading my blog for at least a couple of months then you […]

  • Arkansas WR Greg Childs: Career Resurrection?

    The Career Near-Death Experience. This is one of my favorite Bloomisms of football writing. A Bloomism is what I call the slang that Footballguys and Bleacher Report Draft Analyst Sigmund Bloom (who is also a medalist in some Writer-Olympiad) creates to encompass various football experiences, states of mind, or rights of passage in the sport. […]

  • Juron Criner: “Trust Me”

    Whether it was in a stadium, the park, the street, or your friend’s back yard, I know you’ve been in a situation where you knew you could take the man assigned to you. All you had to do was convince your quarterback. The fewer the words, the better. “Trust me.”

  • Lloydesque Sleeper: ECU WR Lance Lewis

    (Warning, soundtrack not safe for work): Brandon Lloyd was the subject of the second football-related article I ever wrote. This was two years before I launched the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. Lloyd was a fourth-round pick in his second year with the 49ers and he was beginning to make plays like the ones above. I have […]

  • Vertical Goodness: Stephen Hill

    Because I’m tired of picking on Stephen Hill… I’ve been critical of the Georgia Tech receiver all week, but I’ve also been saying that the star of the Combine is more than just a gold medal winner 2012’s Underwear Olympics at Lucas Oil Stadium. Hill is a legit prospect with NFL starter upside. Although I’ve […]

  • WRs Stephen Hill and Marvin Jones: Going Deep

    This week I have been spotlighting the craft of playing receiver and using plays from the careers of Georgia Tech’s Stephen Hill and Cal’s Marvin Jones as examples. Yesterday, I profiled two crossing routes that couldn’t have been run more different from each other. Today, I’m going deep and examining a vertical play from both […]

  • WRs Stephen Hill and Marvin Jones: Managing Physical Play (Short)

    Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength. – Henry Ward Beecher Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill is tall, fast, and has a frame that will likely support another 10-15 pounds of muscle without sacrificing his 4.36-40 speed. Cal wide receiver Marvin Jones is a shade under 6’2″ and […]

  • Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill: Speed Kills – Now Learn How To Aim!

    The late, great Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis coined the phrase “speed kills.”  There was a time Davis prized speed the way a trained gun enthusiast prized a competition model Glock. But late in his career, Davis’ love for fast-moving players seemed more like a warning for addiction. If Davis were alive to see Stephen Hill’s […]

  • Rueben Randle: Why The Sideline Arm Matters

    The little things matter – especially in a sport known for being a game of inches. Most people think of those valuable inches as every blade of grass ahead of a runner or defender in a north south direction. East west inches matter, too. So do the small techniques that players often forsake. Techniques we […]

  • Kendall Wright and the Money Catch

    If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, there’s more analysis of Kendall Wright’s routes here. I love the intellectual component of football. There’s rich material to explore with every position, unit and team from the perspective of technique and strategy. It’s what I do here almost daily. But to say football is essentially an intellectual game […]