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  • RSP Flashback-NFL Fastforward: QB Mike Kafka

    Marty Mornhinweg said 2010 rookie quarterback Mike Kafka is the best first-year passer he’s seen pick up an offense in over 15 years. In training camp this year, the only question about Kafka has been his arm strength. Last Sunday when Mike Vick collided with his own lineman and suffered a concussion and Vince Young […]

  • The Pats Two-TE Sets: A Long Time Coming?

      Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski combined for 13 receptions, 189 yards, and 2 touchdowns against the Dolphins on Monday night. Yesterday they combined for 11 receptions, 143 yards, and 3 touchdowns against the Chargers. If you’ve been reading this blog throughout the summer then you know the hybrid position has been a common theme. […]

  • Discerning Errors From Deficiencies: A WR’s Hands

    No prospect is perfect. Although I can hear some of you thinking Andrew Luck’s name (or maybe that’s the voice in my head and I just don’t want to admit it), this isn’t a post about the Stanford quarterback. It’s about learning to project a player’s potential by his errors. Failures often reveal more about […]

  • Talented Understudy: Lions RB Jerome Harrison

    If you distill the role of a running back to that of purely a ball carrier, I am a huge Jerome Harrison fan. I’ve always been. However, I see Harrison’s NFL career as a sad story. Starter talent as a pure ball-carrier rotting on the vine.

  • Jokers

    One of the pervading themes in this blog has been discussion of  the hybridization of football players: The zone blitz and the evolution of the 3-4 linebacker/defensive end ‘tweener capable of dropping into coverage and sticking his hand in the ground and rushing off the edge. The safety/cornerback capable of covering slot receivers and supporting […]

  • A Case for Canton: William Andrews

    This isn’t the play versus Lott, but it was a lot like it. William Andrews legendary run through Ronnie Lott was a part of a recent conversation I had with NFL Films producer Greg Cosell. When I listened to Cosell’s thoughts on Andrews and added that to the litany of fans who revered the Falcons […]

  • RSP Flashback: RB Jamaal Charles

    He was going to make the school forget Adrian Peterson. That’s what Jamaal Charles told the media when he arrived at the University of Texas after Peterson had spurned the Longhorns for Oklahoma. Bold stuff, but Charles did enough to back it up that at times, you at least had a momentary lapse of memory […]

  • Who is Phillip Tanner?

    If you watched the Cowboys-Chargers preseason game last night then you saw a rookie running back putting on a display of what Cecil Lammey likes to call, “running hot.” There were probably 4-5 running backs in this game that ran hot. However, if I were to provide a photo next to Lammey’s definition in the […]

  • Eerie Coincidence: Ryan Williams

    This morning a friend of mine on Twitter pointed out my profile of Cardinals RB Ryan Williams in the 2011 Rookie Scouting Portfolio.   Please understand that I wasn’t predicting injury or that I’m claiming that I knew all a long that Williams would suffer this fate. I’m sharing this analysis summary published in April because […]

  • An RSP Flashback: QB Brian Hoyer

    An excerpt from the 2009 RSP on Browns QB Brian Hoyer, who I saw as a backup with developmental potential as a future starter. Brian Hoyer, Michigan State: I think Hoyer has a greater chance to be a success than Brady-in-a-Box candidates Tom Brandstater and Hunter Cantwell. The reasons are pretty clear when you examine […]