Grammar Police Station

A Note of (Present and Future) Apology

By day, I am a writer and associate editor for a magazine. Before our publication goes to print, we have several pairs of eyes reviewing every written word for months. When our preliminary proof of the magazine arrives from our printer, we might find 10-12 errors in a 72-page publication that we have to ask the printer to change at an extra charge. Although I’m not the resident grammar guy of my team, I hate those errors.

Blogging is often a solitary pursuit. The editorial staff for this blog is a team of three:

  • Me
  • Myself
  • I

It means you’ve likely spotted A LOT of grammatical errors in the early going of this project. Frankly, I’m embarrassed and I offer my sincerest apologies to you the reader. I will be doing additional proofing of prior posts.

Moving forward, I intend to spend more time proofing my work before I publish. However, I bet you’ll find (hopefully fewer) issues in future posts. If you discover a grammar crime, please send a 911 email to to report it.

Thanks for your vigilance, patience, and compassion.

Ever Grateful,



  1. Really, there’s no need to apologize, Matt. It is tough enough to read someone else without unconsciously anticipating, and near impossible to proof yourself. Kudos if you’ve somehow found the trick. The RSP is about content and cognition, and has no counterpart anywhere in the known universe, your erudition is a huge bonus.

  2. First time to your site, this is amazing work. Thanks!

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