Listen Before Day 2 of the NFL Draft or Forever Hold Your Peace: RSP Scout Talk with Matt Waldman and Brandon Angelo

Athletic movement specialist Brandon Angelo joins Matt Waldman’s for one of the best RSP Scout Talk podcasts of the year. 

The first 20 minutes of this show with Brandon is a must-listen and the next 60 minutes are gold.  Brandon (@angelo_fantasy) is an athletic performance specialist, a former track athlete, and an independent evaluator of NFL talent.

If there is anyone I know who has legitimate expertise to discuss metric analysis in terms of how the data is captured, Brandon is it. What he has to say today will blow your mind about how most people view prospects.

You should be following him on Twitter. Here’s what we served up today that you should consume before you get back to the NFL Draft tonight.


  • Why Combine and Pro Day measurements are so flawed that we’re still in the wild west era of metric evaluation for athletic performance in the NFL.
  • Why speed is the cleavage of NFL and NFL media that turns out to have far less meaning than ascribed.
  • Why Quentin Johnston’s athletic ability and how it was measured cuts both ways in terms of his benefit and detriment.
  • Why Johnston and Zach Evans’ agents were wise with their management of these two’s workouts.
  • Why Devon Achane and Jahmyr Gibbs were faster than their Combine measurements.
  • Why D’Andre Swift hasn’t lived up to expectations and why Gibbs should.
  • The value of backs like Jamaal Williams and David Montgomery.
  • Why Dalton Kincaid could be a better fantasy option than Kyle Pitts.
  • Three prospects Brandon likes as movers that people should know more about.
  • Why the accuracy of a player’s perceptions of themself is so valuable.

There’s even more and it all ties so well to the draft. Enjoy. This is about to become a regular thing.

Now in its 18th year of publication, the RSP is one of the two most purchased independent scouting guides by NFL scouts and personnel management, according to SMU’s Director of Recruiting, Alex Brown.

It’s also the only one of the two guides that also considers a fantasy audience that includes a Post-Draft guide with a tiered cheat sheet of over 200 players and used ADP data to calculate a sweet spot for where to maximize value relative to my post-draft views on prospects.

You get the RSP here. When the Post-Draft is ready, I’ll email you and you can download it from the same site.

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