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I’m a little spent after a long and fruitful week writing about football. The tank is pretty empty after a great week of contact at the RSP and

Next week, I get started on the August edition of the RSP Newsletter for publication subscribers after a weekend of studying fantasy football and NFL Draft prospects. August is jam-packed.

As I considered what else I could cram into the night before I get some sleep and get a chance to visit with my friend Bob Harris, someone whose work influenced me to begin my career in this industry, I had a moment of clarity (drink, Bloom) that I could just share something that I’ve been feeling often this month—thankful.

Writing for a living isn’t an easy choice. It’s a competitive industry with a myriad of people possessing great knowledge of their subject matter, insightful reporting chops, and compelling voices that brim with personality.

I’m thankful to have a little corner filled with people who routinely read, listen, or watch my work and the work of those delivering content for me at the RSP. It can be a week- or month-maker for a reader, listener, viewer to share his or her appreciation—especially when it reflects the care that I and my team take to go deeper with the game in a society where content that’s light, breezy, and social rules masses.

Nothing wrong with those qualities, but not everything has to be that way in order to have success. The fact that you’re paying us routine visits and want more confirms it.

So, thank you again for dropping by and following or subscribing to the various outlets we’re doing work.

Thank you for the constructive feedback—even when I’m not ready to apply it immediately. Thank you for sharing my work with others.

As for my peers in the fantasy football industry, thank you for making me a regular guest on your podcasts and touting the RSP. And my peers who don’t write about fantasy football, I’m most appreciative that you don’t typecast me as solely a fantasy writer.

I always wanted to create work where fantasy players knew I understood them while football people recognized I understand the game.  These are continual goals but it’s awesome to hear from you that I’m usually on the right path.

Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. I enjoy your writing and that of your team. The effort is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. I have been spreading the word about RSP. I look forward to future pearls of football wisdom.

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