Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room Preview: QB Brett Rypien (Boise State)

Matt Waldman shares a play from quarterback Brett Rypien’s portfolio work that illustrates why he shares some of the love that his Rookie Scouting Portfolio colleague Mark Schofield has for the 2019 NFL Draft prospect from Boise State. 

Watch us on YouTube or listen to us on iTunes and you’d think Mark Schofield spend our days calling the other up to talk about quarterbacking. In truth, this happens about 2-3 times a year, at best.

However, I’ve known for months that Mark likes Brett Rypien’s game. I only watched a few games — not enough to broach a conversation at the level that I’d like to with Mark. I also didn’t want to have any memorable conversations with Mark about Rypien until I had seen the quarterback’s game with enough depth that outside conversation wouldn’t hold influence.

The past few weeks, I’ve dug into Rypien’s tape and I get why Schofield is a fan.

Rypien is a technically-sound passer who plays with strong tempo, sees the field well, and manipulates defenders with more than his eyes. Still, it’s that eye manipulation that’s truly notable, because it goes well beyond the safety look-off to the nine-route that big draft media predominantly shows its viewers as an example of manipulation.

After all, Mark’s cat can look off the safety before throwing the nine-route (as well as cut-block a guy in the middle of a stairwell, but we’ll let Mark finish that story.)

Below is a one-play preview of an upcoming RSP Film Room on Rypien that illustrates one of Rypien’s beneficient manipulation tactics that goes beyond your domestic shorthair variety of kitty-cat machinations.

Like Daniel Jones of Duke, if Rypien’s accuracy were just a shade better in specific ranges of the field, I’d be more bullish on his potential as more than a reserve. Unlike Jones, I think Rypien has a greater chance of improving his accuracy.

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