The Patomic Bomb-Patrick Mahomes T-Shirt – Available Now!

Jack Perkins and Matt Waldman collaborated on an idea for a Patrick Mahomes t-shirt. Get yours by clicking the link in this post. 

I’m a big fan of Jack Perkins’ artwork. If you’ve seen his illustrations of NBA stars past and present then you know why. After watching Patrick Mahomes deliver the Patomic Bomb to Tyreek Hill in the Chiefs’ preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons, I shared an idea with Jack and we collaborated on this illustration (Jack deserves most of the credit).

Like what you see? Are you a Patrick Mahomes fan? Know a Chiefs fan thirsty for showing their loyalty? Go to this link to buy The Patomic Bomb Patrick Mahomes t-shirt.

Support an artist who does fantastic work by getting your hands on this conversation-starter about the mutant-like ability of Mahomes, an emerging star in the NFL.

The last time to buy this is via Cotton Burea will be Oct 24, 2018 at 8:00 PM local time. Orders usually ship within 3–4 weeks of the end of the campaign (est. November 9–27, 2018). Learn More…

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