RSP NFL Lens Atlanta Falcons Offense: The Value of Bunch Looks

Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens showcases a successful red zone play from the Falcons-Eagles Week 1 tilt that showcases the value of bunch looks.

Atlanta’s red zone woes are well documented but last week, the offense featured a successful play operating from a bunch look that is representative of what we’ll be seeing around the NFL. Matthew Coller wrote an excellent article about the rise of bunch alignments that’s worth a read.

These looks provide run-pass flexibility and unpredictability. Here’s the play mentioned above.

The way defenses attack bunch looks still allows offenses to motion players from the bunched side to earn a pre-snap coverage read without sacrificing the benefits of the design. It’s like peeling a layer from an onion.

These are great looks for Devonta Freeman because he’s a patient runner with excellent cutback ability. Tevin Coleman is evolved into a competent cutback player but isn’t on Freeman’s level in this regard. However, Coleman excels on runs to the edge and these bunch looks will also offer a strong match in a different way.

It’s the flexibility of the design and what it forces the defense to reveal that makes the bunch a look that will continue trending upward during the 2018 NFL season.

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