Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens LT Andrew Whitworth (Rams): Veteran Finesse

Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens showcases Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth on a Sammy Watkins screen pass for a touchdown. 

One of the significant reasons why Jared Goff’s fortunes turned around in Los Angeles was the upgrading of the Rams’ offensive line. Veteran Andrew Whitworth is an excellent left tackle who offers versatility as a run blocker, pass protector, and open-field escort.

This screen pass where Whitfield leads Sammy Watkins to the end zone is a great example of the eyes-mind-feet integration that all good football players possess. Watch Whitfield handle two smaller, faster defenders because of his diagnosis of angles and his footwork to adjust.

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Many tackles have the footwork to handle edge defenders but few linemen have the athletic skill to adjust in space against some of the most fluid defenders on the field. Neither of Whitworth’s blocks is a dominant-looking play and if he tried to bulldoze either one of them, he likely fails.

Good players know when to be physical and when to show finesse.

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