Matt Waldman’s RSP: Views (July 20, 2018)

Matt Waldman’s Reads Listens Views is back in a slightly new form. This post is devoted to recommended reads of the week. 


If you’re new to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog, welcome.  For years, I used to post links to pieces that I’ve found personally compelling or to content I hope will eventually scratch that itch when I get around to reading it.

After a two-year break, Reads Listens Views returns. You may not like everything listed here, but you’re bound to like something.

Props to @CpnHuggyFace for introducing me to Rick Beato’s work below. A fellow Atlanta resident, Rick does with music what I try to do my best with football. Rick is a former music professor and producer who decided to make a living on YouTube by teaching music the way he always hoped to share it with students. He covers a variety of forms as well.

You can follow Rick on Twitter @rickbeato.

Infographic: Why the Media Isn’t the ‘Enemy’: How reporters around the world risk their lives for truth by Tosten Burks. Interact with the infographic here.

Here’s What Reading Can Really Look Like When You’re Dyslexic by Christian Boer and Katie Wudel

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