Matt Waldman’s RSP On The Yahoo! X And Y’s Podcast

Matt Waldman’s RSP joins Yahoo!’s Liz Loza and John Evans for a fantasy-focused review of the 2018 NFL Draft. 

Last night, Liz, John, and I discussed trends, outcomes, and fantasy implications of the 2018 NFL Draft. The conversation included a wide range of topics:

  • What about the 2018 NFL Draft struck us as a sign of the times and an indication of where offensive football is heading?
  • Does Lamar Jackson’s game translate to the NFL? Some question is accuracy, intelligence, and turnover totals. Is he more than a pair of legs?
  • My thoughts on Dante Pettis short- and long-term potential in San Francisco.
  • Detractors believe Broncos running back Royce Freeman doesn’t play to his size and have concerns about his mileage. I explain why I believe usage history equating to injury is a myth and describe how Freeman is a good fit in Denver.
  • Deep sleepers.

Liz and John do excellent work. Give it a listen.

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