RSP Film Room No. 112: DL Malik McDowell (Michigan St)

Bleacher Report’s Doug Farrar visits Matt Waldman in the RSP Film Room for a look at McDowell, a superb athletic talent in this 2017 NFL Draft class. 

How do you follow an act like Justis Mosqueda, who delivered a fantastic presentation of edge defender Derek Rivers in the RSP Film Room? Well, you bring in his colleague Doug Farrar to examine McDowell, one of the few defensive linemen in recent memory who is used at every position along the line of scrimmage. Personally, I was excited to have Farrar accept my invitation. In addition to the fine work that he has done at Sports Illustrated and Bleacher Report, his

Personally, I was excited to have Farrar accept my invitation. An excellent NFL writer with bylines at Sports Illustrated and Bleacher Report, his Chalk Talk podcasts with Greg Cosell were must-listen material. Farrar has also been an early supporter of the RSP blog and publication. He promoted my work early and often on social media and he was a prominent reason I earned a shot to write Futures at Football Outsiders.

Farrar draws upon his knowledge of the game, his reporting experience, and his relationships with NFL players to present a compelling case in favor of McDowell as a top prospect without shying away from the defender’s notable flaws. It’s another fine episode well worth 40 minutes of your time.

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  1. Hope the Vikes land him in rd2

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