2017 RSP-D2L Update

The 2017 Rookie Scouting Portfolio’s update on giving back. 

Healthy sex is a personal, intimate, and joyful part of life. When child abuse involves sex, it often damages an individual’s ability to develop a healthy and trusting relationship with others in life. Depending on the nature of the abuse, there are various ways an abuse survivor expresses this behavior that can be as troubling for the survivor as it is for those close to them.

The reactions of adults around the child who reports sexual abuse often compound the psychological damage upon the child — even when intentions are good. When the reports of abuse at Penn State’s football program earned national headlines, the initial cover-up, the ongoing denial, and the reaction of many fans was textbook behavior that often happens when abuse is reported or uncovered at any public institution or family home.

When the Penn State sexual abuse scandal broke, I decided it was an opportunity to give football fans a way to help. Darkness to Light is an organization dedicated to preventing sexual abuse through its evidence-informed training that influences community behavior change.

The two letters in the photo above are a thank you on behalf of Darkness to Light for the contributions that the Rookie Scouting Portfolio made from sales of the 2017 RSP.  Thank you for buying the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and as a result, enthusiastically supporting a cause that, for many, is difficult to discuss.

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