The NFL Lens: Agility and Flexibilty w/LeGarrette Blount

It’s always in the hips, folks. 

This dude is how most football fans I know react to speed. But if you want to see me act like this guy over a player, show me a prospect with great hips.

If a football player is capable of doing a deep squat—especially in the context of his job—I’m more intrigued with him than a stiff guy with great speed. The hips are the source of a player’s ability to change direction and converting strength to power.

It’s why I have always been a fan of LeGarrette Blount. If he didn’t punch out Boise State’s Byron Hout to begin the year, he’s no worse than a fourth-round pick—and I wonder if that estimate is too conservative.

Blount reminds me a lot of Jerome Bettis. Both backs can negotiate heavy traffic because they had good footwork and flexible hips.

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Knile Davis and Darren McFadden had great speed, but they lacked the hips. They aren’t as good at generating power in a short area as slower backs with strong, flexible hips.  It’s why I didn’t question the talents of LeVeon Bell, Spencer Ware, or Blount.

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