Update on 2016 RSP Download

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Everything is on schedule. Just checking in…

I have one more chapter to edit and package. Barring any complications with uploading the document to the server, you should expect the RSP some time tomorrow morning.

I will email those of you who have already ordered the RSP as well as announce its availability here and social media.

I’d like to specifically thank the following people for the excellent job they have done editing the RSP: Steve Volk, Jene Bramel, Al Scherer, Rivers McCown, Jon Liberman and Aaron Bronikowski.

It’s a huge chore to ask anyone to work on this much content in this short of a time span.

The fact that they have made this document as readable as they have is a testament to their hard work:

If you haven’t ordered yet, you can go to www.mattwaldman.com to do so. Remember, the RSP purchase also comes with a post-draft edition that my readers say is with the price alone.

2 responses to “Update on 2016 RSP Download”

  1. Hi Matt

    Can’t wait. Congrats on being almost done! Have been holding off on a Dynasty trade till I get the portfolio!

    Pick 1.11 and DGB for R. Cobb

    Excited to read the best analysis out there!

    Hope you double your subscribers this year.


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