RSP Boiler Room No.27: QB Christian Hackenberg

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Two red zone plays, one lesson learned for the Penn State QB that could hold some promise for NFL development.

Christian Hackenberg is a difficult prospect. Despite an underwhelming career, the physical ability is there. The flashes of conceptual acumen show up on occasion, too.

What will matter most for the NFL team that selects Hackenberg is if they are accurate in believing that the quarterback’s best has yet to come. That team will need to be right about the reasons for Hackenberg’s struggles and even more correct about why there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for his development track and it’s not a train.

The two plays below reveal a glaring weakness of Hackenberg’s and then a strength that could potentially override the flaw.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    I don’t have Twitter so this seemed like the best way to reach you. I was wondering if you are planning to do a mock draft like the one you did last year for Football Outsiders? I know this is a really busy time of year, but if you have the time I really enjoyed reading a different take on a mock draft.

    • Thanks for reaching out, Kevin. Also, nice to know that you enjoyed that kind of thinking. I imagine I’ll have time to do one at this blog before the draft. Probably a week before.

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