RSP Film Room No.73: Baylor DT Andrew Billings


Find out why Football Educator writer Brandon Thorn thinks of Broderick Bunkley when he watches the tape of this War Daddy. 

If you haven’t seen Andrew Billings, you’re in for a treat. The 6’0″, 311-pound gap dominating , solar eclipse of a defensive tackle is a linebacker-and-a-half specimen of athlete with uncommon strength .

Put this man next to Aaron Donald, Geno Atkins or Gerald McCoy and opposing quarterbacks will not be sleeping the night before the game. If you understand the basic roles of the three-technique and the one-technique, Billings is that “one” who can do the dirty work to set up the highlight reel plays for studs like Donald, Atkins and McCoy.

If you’re not familiar with one-technique play, it may seem to you that Billings isn’t making a lot of plays on this tape versus Oklahoma. But once you understand the role Billings has and watch what he’s doing to this guards and center, you’ll quickly appreciate how he’s often doing his job and a little more on most every play.

Items of note:

  • Billings’ hands and how frequently he’s the first to make contact.
  • The defender’s ability to use multiple “moves” to beat a lineman.
  • The shape of this athlete and his motor; he’s a mountain with agility.
  • The number of times linemen are lifted off their feet by Billings in the game–if not on a single play.
  • Baylor’s decision to drop him in shallow zone coverage.
  • Billing’s nasty streak.

This is one of the more exciting players in the draft if you’re thinking about team impact and not individual highlight reels.

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