RSP Boiler Room: WR Braxton Miller

Braxton Miller

Miller has grown since his first game, but this route against Virginia Tech gives you an idea of things he’s had to learn and areas that will require continued focus as he refines his NFL athletic ability into NFL receiving ability.

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4 responses to “RSP Boiler Room: WR Braxton Miller”

  1. Good stuff. What I would say about this is that each of these are correctable problems. It’s really just work and experience and good coaching. A good WR coach I would think would train him to press the WR with faster steps. And then teach him to turn the right way (that’s a basic problem for young receivers – you see it at the high school level – there is a natural tendency to turn to your strong arm first. Miller is right handed so he turns that way). It’s just a matter of training. That, however, is something that one would think the WR coaches at OSU would have taught him all summer. You want your routes to be basically “down pat” during the season and then make adjustments here and there based on what the CB or defense as a whole is doing. So, while it’s a challenge for Miller, I don’t think it’s insurmountable. He’s not a long-strider and has very quick feet – unlike a Parker, for example, who still needs a good bit of work.

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