RSP Boiler Room: TTU WR Jakeem Grant v. LSU CB TreDavious White

RSP Boiler Room: TTU WR Jakeem Grant v. LSU CB TreDavious White

Jakeem Grant

It’s vital to analyze the alignment of the wide receiver and defense on every play. This long TD from Grant is all about where White begins the play.

I would have loved to see Jakeeem Grant at the Senior Bowl. The senior is one of the best return men in this senior class and he’s no slouch as a slot receiver. Ed Eagan did a fine job filling in, but Grant has the goods to become a productive contributor in a high-powered NFL offense.

With his video game moves, Grant can make every defender on the field miss twice. He nearly did it this year against Oklahoma State on a 87-yard screen pass early in the game.

One of the things I’ve been seeking for Grant is his skill in the vertical passing game. The Texas Bowl match-up with LSU reveals that Grant has the vertical speed to beat a viable NFL prospect in cornerback TreDavious White.

It’s not an impressive play from Grant. If anything, it’s a learning opportunity for White. What this Boiler Room Short below and learn how White’s pre-snap position over Grant puts the corner in a losing position before the play even begins.

Grant won’t earn this type of coverage in the NFL on a regular basis, so he’ll prove he can use his hands and set up defenders at the line of scrimmage. White has another year of development at LSU and consider this play a lesson learned.

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