Pre-Order the 2016 RSP!

2015 RSP

Pre-order the 2016 Rookie Scouting Portfolio available for download April 1. 

“The best thing I’ll buy all year…”

-Bob Harris, Hall of Fame Fantasy Writer

“The problem is that the RSP represents such an advantage, I can’t bear to tell my 22 year-old dynasty league owners about it.”

@Ikonoclast via Twitter

“Best value in the game in my opinion. Thorough, and one of the more interesting reads I’ve seen for Fantasy Football”

-Sean Tenerelli, @Phinphan54

“@Matt Waldman is one of my favorite draft analysts. You can, and should get his skill player draft guide . . .”

                 -Matt Miller, Bleacher Report.

Pre-Order the RSP now!

Readers tell me that they’d pay at least double the price for the RSP so if you missed the early-bird this year, get on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit and ask about the tremendous value the RSP offers even at full price.

One of the best bragging points I can make about anything I’ve done in this space is that many long-time RSP readers won’t buy the RSP until the early-bird period has ended because they believe the publication deserves to be purchased at full price. 

I have over 120 skill position prospects already completed for the 2016 RSP. Typically, previous editions of the RSP total  145-175 players. You can view the running tally of players completed on this page.

Remember once price gets you the pre-draft (download available April 1) and the post-draft update (in publication since 2012 and available for download with the same login a week after the NFL Draft).  Fantasy owners love the Post-Draft edition and I’m told every year that it’s worth the cost of what you pay for the pre-draft publication:

  • Analysis and commentary on depth charts, team fit, and each player’s long-term outlook.
  • Rankings overall, by position, and tiered for fantasy drafts.
  • Draft selection data for dynasty leagues, including ADP and my own value scores to help you use my rankings to maximize your draft value.
  • Overrated/Underrated players.

But it’s the pre-draft publication that dynasty owners find useful for years. It’s not just about identifying the Odell Beckhams, LeVeon Bells, Russell Wilsons, and Matt Fortes of the NFL. Ask those who have benefited from a reference guide with a shelf-life of 3-5 years that gave them a leg up on the potential values of the Stefon Diggs, Spencer Wares, David Johnsons and Bilal Powells of the league.

New to the RSP? Find out why it has a dedicated following and how the RSP gives back to the community. Past issues (2006-2015 are available for $9.95)

From January 23 through March 31,  you can still reserve your login and get one of the most comprehensive analysis of skill position players available for $19.95. I will email you when the RSP is ready. Although I never promise it, I often get the publication done early and those who pre-order are the first in line to download.

Simple? Hopefully. If you need help, contact me at I can typically respond within 24 hours of your email.

 Just downloaded the 2015 rsp. 

WOW. I can’t believe how much info is in there! I may need 20 feet of snow to go through all that info. Truly amazing.
–Anthony Marsala, new reader via email 1/22/2015

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      • Re: the IDPs, any chance then, that you could nag…nay, *inspire*…one of your, say, FBG colleagues to attempt an IDP version based on your (killer) model? Cheers.

      • Not likely. I understand the desire to have it though. I’m sure you’ve thought about the fact that this is a business and takes quite a commitment to do. IDP isn’t nearly as popular so the ROI of time and money to do it isn’t very strong right now and someone doing this will probably need to make a 7-10 year investment early on to make “promising” to be worthwhile. But you never know, it might happen one day here just don’t expect it soon.

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