RSP Film Room No.69: S.Miss WR Michael Thomas, Sleeper Alert

Michael Thomas S Miss

Allen Hurns and Stefon Diggs were draft-day values the past two years. This Golden Eagle has the skills to be the next pleasant surprise in the NFL.

Football Gameplan’s Turron Davenport joined me last week to share compelling thoughts on projecting De’Runnya Wilson’s skills to the NFL. This week, I had Davenport return so I could share my excitement about Michael Thomas. If you’re thinking the team above is a typo then you’ve only heard of the Ohio State product by way of Los Angeles.

That Michael Thomas is a fine prospectThis Michael Thomas is likely a hidden gem. In terms of physical dimensions and playing style (not talent), this Michael Thomas evokes names like Isaac Bruce and Odell Beckham. And honestly, I think the talent is there for Thomas to evolve into a much better pro receiver than the volume of conversation around this Southern Miss product (which is next to zero).

What you’ll learn about Thomas and the wide receiver position in this episode:

  • The importance of “late hands”
  • When and how to leave your feet
  • How you can tell that a quarterback trusts a receiver and why that bodes well for a smart evaluation team studying Thomas
  • Not all drops count the same
  • Boundary awareness
  • Body adjustment
  • Attacking the ball
  • Details on transitioning from catcher to runner that matter
  • Why and how 6’1″ can play like 6’4″
  • What Thomas does that can’t be taught

Thomas is one of three “lesser known” prospects I’m excited about.  Kenneth Dixon is another. The third? Stay tuned…

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  1. What do you feel his weaknesses are? I really enjoyed this video, he seems like a great underrated receiver

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