RSP Film Room No.63: DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M

Myles Garrett

Football Insiders’ John Owning returns to the RSP Film Room with a look at one of the most impressive edge rushers of this draft. Maybe even the past two drafts. 

The bend. The stride. The burst. The finish. These things about Myles Garrett remind John Owning of DeMarcus Ware. Garrett’s performance against Arizona State is fantastic viewing, especially with a knowledgeable film watcher like Owning, who discusses Garrett’s work with cross-comparisons to running backs, receivers, and even judo practitioners. A jiu-jitsu instructor, Owning is one of my favorite writers and analysts sit down with and watch defensive line play.

This 45-minute video covers a lot of technique, including leverage, hand usage, using weak plains of the defender, playing on one’s toes, and even falling with balance to facilitate a quick recovery to one’s feet. Although he has to learn to convert speed to power so there’s an effective change-up in his arsenal, Garrett’s on the right track as an NFL prospect. We both like him as a defensive end, but there will be some 3-4 teams that will consider him an outside linebacker. Let’s hope doesn’t have to waste snaps dropping into coverage–he’s too promising setting the edge and rushing the passer.

If you’re seeking a companion analysis about weak planes–something Owning introduces into the conversation–here’s an explanation he forwarded along.

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