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Footballguys DFS Town Hall, Myles Jack RSP Film Room, Space Drum, ‘Escape Rooms’, and D&D turns 40.


If you’re new to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog, welcome.  On Fridays I post links to pieces that I’ve found personally compelling or to content I hope will scratch that itch, but I haven’t read yet.

As I’ve long said about this Friday feature, you may not like everything listed here, but you’re bound to like something. I’m a little early on the delivery date, but trying to work around my usual, crazy schedule.

 Listens/Views: Space drum by Yuki Koshimoto

To a North American, this drum may not see of this earth.

Football Listens: Footballguys Town Hall

Wondering about Footballguys’ take on the recent events involving DFS? Site owners David Dodds and Joe Bryant answer questions from about the industry:

  1. Gambling or game of skill?
  2. Footballguys’ business relationship with DFS–are they mouthpieces reliant on their money?
  3. Why Footballguys likes DFS formats?
  4. How does Footballguys recommend its customers get started with DFS in a healthy, balanced way where the emphasis is on fun?
  5. What are the differences between the perception and reality of DFS?

I’m a minor DFS player. I started playing on Fanduel in January. I put in $25, I play games with investments of $1 and $2. If I get a wild hair, I spend $5 on a game. I do it to learn about the format so I can decide if I want to write about it more. I’ve grown my bankroll to about $150 from that $25.

I’m still feeling my way out in the space. I’m not about trying to get you to play.  There are aspects of DFS I enjoy and areas where I have concerns. I’m posting this video because I think David and Joe did a sound job of discussing the growth of the format, the site’s relationship with it, the good, the bad, the problems, and some possible solutions. And I think it’s important for my readers who have thought about playing this format but may have concerns with the recent headlines.

Football Reads

Views: RSP Film Room Video No.61: UCLA LB, Myles Jack

RSP Contributor Eric Stoner, a former LB, pulls out the UVA game to illustrate why Jack has what it takes to play the run in the NFL.

Download the 2015 Rookie Scouting Portfolio + Post-Draft Update!

Friday’s are also my chance to thank you for reading my work, encourage you to follow the RSP blog, and download the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication.

If you’re in a dynasty league, the combination of the 2015 RSP and the RSP Post-Draft will have you prepared for this year and beyond.

Here’s just a sample of what my readers–new and old–are saying about the 2015 RSP.  (Get ready for “Squee!” “Dammit” and jaws dropping)

Take a video tour of the 2015 pre-draft to see what I mean:

Seriously, this analysis is worth the price of the 2015 RSP package alone, but you also get the post-draft addendum with your purchase of the RSP. Remember 10 percent of each sale is donated to Darkness to Light to prevent sexual abuse in communities across the United States. While that alone should get you to download the RSP package, do it because you will be blown away with the detail and insight of the analysis and content. It’s why the RSP has grown so much in the past 10 years.

Download the 2015 RSP and RSP Post-Draft here

Listens/Views: Project K-Paz (feat. Melissa Aldana)

Aldana is of the great new saxophonists on the scene today and a past winner of the Thelonius Monk Jazz Competition.

In Case You Missed It/Coming Soon

Reads (Life In General)


Listens/Views: George Adams & Joe Lovano “Tenor Madness”

Listens/Views -James Carter “JC On The Set”

One of my fave saxophonists alive today. Particularly love his work on tenor and soprano. His technique is masterful, his style is expressive, and his sound is lush. He also has a nasty streak.

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