RSP Film Room No.61: LB Myles Jack w/Eric Stoner

Photo of Myles Jack by Dinur.
Photo of Myles Jack by Dinur.

RSP Contributor and Twitter fave Eric Stoner returns to the Film Room with a look at UCLA RB Myles Jack

Bully Football. It’s the term Eric Stoner uses for physical players who take the action to their opponents. When friend Ryan Riddle saw Myles Jack in the Rose Bowl last month, he commented that he thought Jack looked small. Beyond a game-sealing interception, Jack didn’t come up big in the box score against BYU, either. But Jack sees a lot of time as a coverage ‘backer against some schemes and this was the case in the game Riddle and I saw.

Known for his coverage skill, there will be questions about Jack’s 6’0″, 230 lb. frame holding up in the NFL. It’s why Stoner suggested we watch Jack against Virginia’s more traditional, pro style sets. From the Will and Mike roles, Jack displayed that those questions should be met with a finger to the lips.

When asked to play in those roles, Jack plays bully football against big men and wins. Watch the 45-minute episode below and you’ll see what we noted:

  • Technically sound striking.
  • Understanding how to pick a side.
  • Skill at crossing the face of linemen as a run gap blitzer.
  • A smart balance of remaining gap disciplined and showing aggression.
  • Explosive strength.

If you still have questions about Jack’s size watching this tape, consider Bobby Wagner and Lavonte David. Jack has the tools to develop into a big football player in a smaller body.

Enjoy. I know we did. Want more on Jack? Read my Futures column from last year.

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