Gut Check No.350


Potential midseason gap-fillers and temp-to-perm starters as well as buy-lows, Tavon, Godzilla, and the Vikings’ offensive conundrum. 


Welcome to my in-season column. If you’re seeking strategic tips, match-up advice, game observations, IDP info, and dynasty advice with a little bit of current “football” events opinion (if anything involving the madness of the NFL commissioner’s office actually qualifies) added into the mix then you’ve come to the right place. Think of the in-season Gut Check column as a department store with a variety of areas:

  • Re-Draft
  • IDP
  • Dynasty
  • Futures (Rookies and College Prospects)
  • Opinion
  • Wild Side

How much attention each department earns depends on what I observe. If you missed the first two weeks, you can pay a visit down memory lane. Here are weeks 12, 3, and 4.


Injuries and bye weeks create scenarios where fantasy owners need options capable of filling a temporary need in a starting lineup. Some of these gap-fillers have a high profile, but most are options still available in free agent pools that seem picked clean by early October. Every year a few of these players evolve into permanent starters. Here’s my list of gap-fillers after Week 4:

WR Allen HurnsA top-20 receiver at month’s end, Hurns’ two most redeeming qualities are his ability to work with his quarterback when the play goes South and his toughness at the catch-point. Hurns flashed these skills when he was a starter for the Miami Hurricanes.

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