RSP Film Room No.58: QB Connor Cook, Michigan St. w/Will Hewlett


I love watching football with Will Hewlett. You’d think a QB coach would be so technique-focused that he wouldn’t appreciate passers deviating from the game plan, scheme, or most of all technique. But the QB coach with the Range Training views players with a balanced perspective on what makes a great quarterback and one of those major features is the passer knowing when not to do everything the coaches tell you.

This morning’s film room session is an hour-long look at Connor Cook, a technically refined quarterback prospect who throws the ball with confidence, demonstrates feel for the pocket, and he currently has that aggressive mindset that you want to see from an NFL passer.

Cook does some things that deviate from the technically perfect standard that spark good discussion on this show about the nature of NFL quarterback play. Learn more about Cook, a quarterback prospect I’m excited about, in this episode.

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4 responses to “RSP Film Room No.58: QB Connor Cook, Michigan St. w/Will Hewlett”

  1. Love your analysis. Does Cook to the Raiders work? Carr’s second half was shaky!

    • It works. It’s a good get for the Raiders in case they need depth or as a future player to trade. The Raiders system is similar to Michigan St. so the adjustment time might be a little shorter than it takes some rookies.

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