RSP Film Room No.51: PSU QB Christian Hackenberg

Photo by MGoBlog
Photo by MGoBlog

Emory Hunt requested a hot-button prospect and your votes were for the Penn State quarterback.

Neither Emory Hunt or I had watched Christian Hackenberg closely, but some fans and media consider the quarterback the best prospect at his position. Draft Breakdown’s Jeff Risdon suggested the Indiana game as an “eye-opening” example of the passer. We didn’t know whether Risdon meant it as a positive, negative, or truly neutral thing.

I’ll characterize our conclusions about Hackenberg’s sophomore tape as “tempered.” The size, the air arm strength, and the desire to make aggressive plays is there. The inconsistency, the immature decision-making, and the absence of refined technique and detail are also present. Below is an All-22 viewing of Hackenberg against an Indiana defense that prepared well.

As we mention during this 90-minute episode, Hackenberg is a draftable talent, but it’s premature to consider him a high-round player if this game is indicative of his current development. The issues we saw with the quarterback are correctable with good coaching, a strong work ethic, and dedication to the right lesson plans. I’m looking forward to seeing if his consistency will improve as a junior.

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