Footballguys Tiers Update

Footballguys Tiers Update

Ertz may go high, but I did't love his game enough to match that projection in my rankings. Photo by Han Shot First.
Ertz is a riser in my PPR rankings. Photo by Han Shot First.


If you don’t know by now, I have a reputation for views on players that differ from the norm. Even so, my rankings accuracy is still very high by industry standards over the past 3-5 years and where I have performed best dovetails nicely with the strategy I write about the most: Upside Down Drafting.

However, my tiers are formatted by my projections and I embed a variety of notations within them so you can tailor this information to a number of different strategies. I will be writing more about strategic angles than explaining where I ranked specific players.

This update contains 20 rounds of players. I have not listed ADP next to the player’s name, but I still used italics, underline, and bold to note the following:

  • Players with normal fonts are have a ranking from me that coincides with their ADP. I consider them safe plays.
  • Italicized players are slightly overvalued (1-2 rounds) if you agree with my ranking vs. their ADP.
  • Players bolded and italicized are overvalued by more than two rounds.
  • Underlined players are slightly undervalued (1-2 rounds) if you agree with my ranking vs. their ADP.
  • Players bolded and underlined are undervalued by more than 2 rounds.

These notations give fantasy owners ample opportunity to plan: When to lay back and when to pounce when it comes to certain players and/or positions. I’ll offer a variety of strategic tips as I discuss each tier.


I’ve drawn bold boxes around players in each tier that represent a pivotal movement from my previous update.

As I’ve told my Twitter followers Monday, the summer is a time to look at player performance in layers or criteria:

  • Physical skills (improvement/decline)
  • Mental grasp of concepts (improvement/decline)
  • Consistency of execution in camp
  • Consistency of execution in preseason
  • Consistency of execution in the regular season

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