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The Footballguys Magazine App is out. Worth well more than $4.99. This is the Android screen shot. Apple shots below.
The Footballguys Magazine App is out. Worth well more than $4.99. This is the Android screen shot. Apple shots below.


I get a lot of inquiries and offers to advertise products on this blog.  You probably don’t realize it because I don’t have ads displayed here. I could make decent change for doing so, but it’s a conscious choice not to have a Chevy truck or gambling site plastered in the middle of my copy.

I’m sharing this with you because when I promote something I want to believe in it. Otherwise, when I tell you that the Rookie Scouting Portfolio is worth more than its price you’re far less inclined to give it a look if I’m allowing some ad to appear on my page from a variety of companies or products that I may or may not like.

Aside from the RSP, I have chosen to promote three products at this blog each year because I believe in their quality: Fantasy Throwdown (which has been free for years), Reality Sports Online, and Footballguys. I am an investor in Fantasy Throwdown, I agreed to an affiliate partnership with RSO because I like the unique system, and I am an enthusiastic employee of Footballguys.

I don’t have to promote Footballguys if I don’t want to. There’s no partnership or direct incentive like a commission or bonus for me to do so beyond the fact that I’m proud of working with this crew of writers, developers, and owners. I do it because if I stopped writing about fantasy sports tomorrow, I would easily pay for Footballguys’ services.

Now that I’ve laid this out, I want to share my enthusiasm for Footballguys’ Fantasy Football Magazine that is available for $4.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Appstore. Yes, you can use it for Apple and Android products.

I’ll let David Dodds and company tell you about it:

The Fantasy Football Magazine of the future is one that would not be limited to 200 pages, would update through the entire preseason, and contain everything you possibly wanted for research for your drafts and mocks. And it would travel with you wherever you go.

Well that magazine is here NOW.

To imagine what that is like, take your typical magazine and multiply the amount of content by 100.

It’s YOUR magazine. With the tools and info YOU need to Win Your League. The app is not limited to 200 pages like your typical printed magazine. Instead we harness the power of the 40 people on staff at Footballguys to create an incredible amount of content. And unlike a printed magazine, the material isn’t stale in August when you need the data the most as it’s constantly updated all the way until the season starts. In essence, this magazine is created EVERY day. Let the other guy in your league draft the hurt player in training camp. You will have the latest information while he’s working with content created in May.

A typical printed magazine might have 5-7 articles. The Footballguys Magazine debuts with over 200 articles with content being added daily. We have content not just from the Footballguys staff, but from the best articles around the web. Check out the full list of article categories in the Article Topics section on the right.

The app features a powerful Forecast Section that gives you the tools you need for draft prep. Check out all the Player Data & Forecast Tools in the Magazine Features section on the right.

In addition to having FBG articles/content at your fingertips, you can jump from ADP to Injury News to Depth Charts to the Training Camp Updates with a couple of taps.

Bottom Line: It’s the Fantasy Football Magazine you’ve always wanted and it’s the tool you need to Win Your League.

Here are some IPad screen shots of the product with explanations of how it works:

Check out this link for the cool look and feel of the Android version. If you have any questions about how it works, buying the product, or anything else pertaining to it, contact Joe Bryant or David Dodds. Otherwise you can click the following links to download the 2014 Footballguys Magazine App:

Click Here to Download from the Apple App Store (iOS)
Click Here to Download from the Google Play Store (Android)
Download from the Amazon Appstore for Android (Android)

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  1. Integrity – love it in this world of $ first. The app is great – great for for preparing for draft. Only thing missing is the axis of my football world – the waldman rankings. I’m checking everyday and I fully expect matt to be in top 10 at fantasy pros this year.

    • Rookie Report – the definition of VALUE – better than getting Adrian Peterson in the 5th round !!!

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