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Doug Marlette
And I went to the “U” and I’m a fan, so don’t write me Cane fans – the slime is everywhere.

Reads Listens Views – The No.1 Weekly Series from the Twitter Awards by a committee of one. Respect Miller . . . respect.

Listens – Rest In Peace Jim Hall, You Were a Stud


If you’re new to RLV, the RSP, or you looked at my new design and thought for a moment someone slipped LSD or PCP into your morning Joe, welcome. This is my weekly series at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio where I list photos, performances, lectures, and links to Internet content I read (or I’m saving to read soon). You may not like everything here, but you’re bound to like something.

It’s also my chance to thank you for visiting the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and purchasing my annual publication on rookie prospects at the offensive skill positions.

For those of you new to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, the publication is available every April 1. You can learn more about the RSP here. If you want to see samples of the play-by-play notes I take to write the analysis, you can find them here. And to download past versions of the publication (2006-2012), go here.

Remember, 10 percent of each sale is donated to Darkness to Light, a non-profit devoted to preventing and addressing sexual abuse through community training in schools, religious groups, and a variety of civic groups across the U.S. I’ll have an announcement before the year is over about what the RSP donated to D2L as well as a plans for the 2014 RSP.


This Week’s RSP Posts

Haven’t had a chance to see what’s new at the RSP this week? Here’s a quick run-down:

Ahead: Tomorrow’s Futures delves into the relationship between Intuition and Process when it comes to player evaluation, using one player for 2015’s class who I have a feeling could be special.

Views – Worth Sharing Again . . .

Here’s a bit longer Cliff Notes version about plot of the movie.

Go see it. It’s a downer, but it’s important to see.

Reads (Football)

  • Ben Tate: No Pain, No Gain – Enjoyable profile on the Texans runner who reveals how Gary Kubiak once threw Tate under the bus.
  • RGIII – A Victim of His Own Swagger? – H/T to FBG staffer Mark Wimer for sharing this one.
  • Film Room: Russell Wilson – Cian Fahey shows you why Wilson deserves to be in the MVP conversation.
  • The Rise of ACL Tears – Grantland’s piece on the ligament. I’m not usually interested in this topic at this level of depth, but it’s a well-done piece worth a read.
  • Why I Believe Jameis Winston’s Accuser – Quality read regardless of whether you believe the accuser or not. Don’t send your daughter to college without making sure she understands the dynamics of drinking culture and how to navigate it. Of course, I live in a city where the local government’s answer to rising teen age pregnancies was to build a daycare in the high school rather than allow the schools to educate on birth control. Yes, Athens has more in common with leaders of Third World nations they look down on than it realizes.

Views -David Simon at Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Reads (Life Outside The Lines)

Listens – Hit Me Again, Jim . . .

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  1. “Luthar says she has studied wealthier families, however, and “we’ve found the level of serious adjustment problems ranging from depression, anxiety, delinquency, substance abuse higher among kids of upper-middle-class families.”

    Seeing this quote in an article makes me so happy! I’ve been saying this very thing for YEARS. Maybe it’s because I’ve been saying it to the very people who were “raising” these crazy spoiled children that I always received those strange looks of confusion in response.

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