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Views – 27 Surreal Places to Visit Before You Die (<— See the rest at this link)

The Great Blue Hole in Belize

Coming Soon at The RSP Blog

  • NFL Closeup: RB Bryce Brown, Wild Horse.
  • Futures at Football Outsiders: Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert
  • Trent Richardson’s latest video – Not really, just checking to see if you were awake.

Views – Shane Koyczan’s Awesome Spoken Word Performance About Beethoven

I don’t care if you like classical music, you’ll dig this. You can learn more about him here.


New to the RSP Blog? Friday is the day I post links to content I’m consuming online – football and non-football alike. You may not like everything you see here, but I’m sure you’ll like at least one thing. It’s also a chance for me to thank you for visiting this blog on the regular and most important, downloading the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication. Entering its ninth year of existence, the RSP is the most comprehensive analysis of rookie prospects at the skill positions available.

The RSP is available every April 1 and includes pre-draft positional rankings, underrated/overrated analysis, thorough player comparisons, position draft overviews and history, and analysis on individual skill sets while noting the player’s potential to improve in each. When you download the RSP, you also get the RSP Post-Draft at no cost. Published a week after the draft, the RSP Post-Draft provides revised rankings based current team fit, fantasy mock draft analysis, fantasy draft day value data, good fit/bad fit analysis, and a cheat sheet ranking players across each position. And of course, you get over a thousand pages of my evaluation grading sheets and play-by-play notes because I like to show my work.

Once again, I’ll be offering a prepayment option in January based on requests for me to do so (prepayment customers got their RSPs a little early last year). I also donate 10 percent of each sale to Darkness to Light – a non-profit devoted to preventing and addressing sexual abuse in communities through the training of communities across the country. Past issues (2006-2012) are also available for download at half price.

Listens – D.J. Cheb I Sabbah

“If there was a disconnect in an Algerian Jew plugging into Hindu and Sufi Muslim spirituality, or in layering ragas with heavy beats, Cheb I Sabbah didn’t see it. He used music to build the kind of world that he wanted to live in — and in so doing became godfather and mentor to generations of artists and listeners who found common ground on the dance floor.”  – Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR.

Football Reads

Views – The Subterranean Structures of Ants (Surprising and Amazing)

Non-Football Reads

Views – Sacha Baron Cohen Kills Award Presenter

Listens – Janelle Monae’s Electric Lady Album

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