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He'll be back . . .
Hawaii, he’ll be back . . .

Views I: The One Specific Type of Play Where Speed Impresses

As studly as this play is, without his skills that account for 95% of his talent I wouldn’t have cared less. Still fun to see a 230-lb. back outpace a good angle by a defensive back. By the way stay tuned for my analysis on Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins, who in my opinion has the ability to lap the field of every college wide receiver playing – except for one. I’ll be writing about that guy, too.

Tom Melton, I see you.

Listens I:

Thanks to Bryan Zukowski, who is often my go-to guy for quality vids. He knows a kickin’ drummer when he hears one.



If you’re new to the RSP, thanks for reading. I post 3-5 times a week and one of those posts is this Friday ritual where I link to material I’m consuming around the web: football articles, non-football articles, music, videos, spoken word, photos, you name it. It’s also where I thank you for supporting this blog as a reader and most important, downloading the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication.

Why Buy The RSP? Because you not only learn the ins and outs of the rookies who get drafted, but you get the low-down on UDFAs and small-school projects. Kenbrell Thompkins, Zach Sudfeld, Marlon Brown, and Benny Cunningham are good examples from this year alone.

For $19.95 you get a 1200-page pre-draft publication that is one-part 200-page draft magazine bookmarked for easy reading and other-part 1000-page tome that shows all the work to make the front half insightful: grading checklists for each player according to his position, a glossary that defines the grading system and each thing I score, and all my play-by-play notes on each player. I show my math for even the most diehard, nut-job – and I have plenty of them (they’re my kind of people).

You also get another 150-200 page post-draft document that updates rankings based on player fit with his new team, tiered dynasty rankings, and draft value analysis based on dynasty drafts. This RSP will help you this year, next year, and often times the year after in you dynasty drafts, re-drafts, and the waiver wire. Knowledge is power and you’ll be able to see the signs a little sooner when a player is poised for a breakout.

Past issues (2006-2012) are available for $9.95 apiece and I donate 10 percent of every RSP sale to Darkness To Light, a non-profit whose mission is to prevent and address sexual abuse in communities through training people to be aware of the dynamics, the stats, and how to help victims of this crime. As football fans who send our children to school, sports camps, churches-synagogues-mosques, it’s important that adults understand how to address this issue so they aren’t negligent (legally or morally) due to ignorance.

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Views II: I Don’t Hate Big Business, But I Do Have Contempt For Their Methodology To Keep Customers Who Don’t Want Them

Football Reads

Views III: Twerking + Vanity = You’re On Fire (Literally)

Non Football Reads

Listens II: Marcus Miller – “Jean Pierre”

My favorite electric bassist alive today.

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