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I wish I was servin' this up, but the menu below is still pretty good. Photo by Joe Bryant.
I wish I was servin’ this up, but the menu below is still pretty good. Photo by Joe Bryant.

I’m serving it up once again at the RSP headquarters and I want to thank all of you for reading, following, and investing (see below) in the RSP blog. I’m about 6-8 players away from finishing film study and the 2013 RSP publication is on track for its April 1 publication date. If you are new to my blog, I post a Reads Listens Views article every Friday. It’s a little football, a little music, and a lot of things I want to share that are about world at large.

Thank you for making the RSP possible.

Listens I: Music to Read By – “Space Captain”

Football Reads

Listens II: Music to Watch Wide Receivers By – “Chatter”

I remember seeing Stern in Miami when I was 19 and he still kicks ass.  The tenor and drum solos got the most applause – deservedly so. If you like wild rides then is a good one.

Non-Football Reads

Listens III: Tedeschi Encore

Views: Six Reasons to Buy the 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio (No Order of Importance Needed) – You can pre-order now or buy April 1 when available for download.

  1. You’re Investing in the RSP Blog: Your purchase indicates this blog is worth reading. I can allocate time and resources into it and provide additional free analysis and host projects with great football writers.
  2. You Get Free, In-Depth Analysis of Players at the Blog That Few Discuss Until They Show Something in a Game: 
  3. Right or Wrong About Players, You See “My Math”:In the back of the RSP is hundreds of pages of grade sheets, play-by-play analysis, and a glossary that defines my grading criteria.
  4. Speaking of Dynasty Leagues . . . Here Are Some Noted “Values” From Past Publication Pre-Draft Fantasy Rankings
    • Randall Cobb No.3
    • Ahmad Bradshaw (No.4)
    • Ray Rice (No.2)
    • Matt Forte (No.5)
    • Joseph Addai (No.3)
    • Maurice Jones-Drew (No.5)
    • Steve Smith (NYG No.3)
    • Russell Wilson (No.4)
    • Demarco Murray (No.4)
    • Andre Roberts (No.5)
    • Eric Decker (No.6)
    • Aaron Hernandez (No.1)
    • Dennis Pitta (No.4)
  5. And Players I Thought Were Overvalued . . . 
    • Robert Meachem (No.14)
    • Tim Tebow (No.11)
    • Ted Ginn (N/R)
    • Matt Leinart (No.3)
    • Lendale White (No.6)
    • Darren McFadden (No.11) *Yes, too low perhaps – but has he been a consistent fantasy option?
    • Andrew Caldwell (No.12)
    • James Hardy (No.11)
  6. You Show Children That You Care About Protecting Them: After the Penn State Scandal, I decided to make it a long-term commitment of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio to donate 10 percent of every sale to Darkness to Light’s mission to end sexual abuse through community training and awareness.

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