Win a 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio: New Hints

Goats by Malingering

Update: Contest is Over.

  • Prospect No.1 – Ron Dayne
  • Prospect No.2 – Vincent Jackson
  • Prospect No.3 – Arian Foster
  • Prospect No.4 – Mark Sanchez
  • Prospect No.5 – Peter Warrick

Congratulations to Frank, Michael, “labradane,” Shanker, and Steve.


Apparently the identity of the prospects I listed for Wednesday’s “Win a 2012 RSP Contest” are still hidden among the herd of Giovanni Carmazzi’s goats.

I set out to create a difficult contest and based on the first day of responses, I succeeded a little too well. It’s time to make it a little easier since no one guessed a single player correctly thus far. I am adding a new hint for each scouting report listed as “Hint No.2” under each report. If no one guesses correctly with these, I’ll add a third hint for each and so on.

Check out the contest details and questions at this linkNote: Since Hint No.2 I’ve given away 4 of 5 free 2012 RSPs. One left!





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