Contest: Win the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio (New Hints)

Could this be Giovanni Carmazzi's playing field? Sounds funny now, but in 20 years he probably has a way better quality of life than most NFL players. Photo by Alex E. Proimos.
Could this be Giovanni Carmazzi’s playing field? Sounds funny now, but in 20 years he probably has a way better quality of life than most NFL players. Win an 2012 RSP below by guessing, who these “G.O.A.T.S” are. Photo by Alex E. Proimos.

Update – Contest is Over. You can find the answers here.

New to the blog? Haven’t bought the Rookie Scouting Portfolio before? Want to see why so many of my readers can’t wait until April 1? Wondering why I have a photo that could be Giovanni Carmazzi’s farm? See below.

Here are five scouting summaries from current and/or former NFL prospects from the past 13 years. These are not my summaries but from various analyst sources. Be among the first five* to guess all five players correctly, you win the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio – including the post-draft update.

To Qualify

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  2. Submit the form with all the information filled out.
  3. Guess the correct players.
  4. Don’t Tweet or email guesses.

*I reserve the right to issue a tiebreaker contest if we have multiple, correct entries. If you already have the 2012 RSP and deemed a winner, you can select your choice of any RSP from 2006-2011. Sorry, but not giving away 2013’s publication in this contest.

Good luck!

Scouting Summary No.1 – Running Back

  • NFL Comparison: Jerome Bettis
  • Running Skill: Punshing, with outstanding leg drive and leverage. Runs low to the ground and delivers blow every time he carries ball. Doesn’t have great quickness but shows good feel between tackles and always runs hard. Solid feet; can pick and slide. Shows good vision and patience, then a special burst when he finds seam…[outside running] may be his weakest area at next level. Has solid speed and quickness but will have hard time getting around corner. Not a home run threat but does a good job of finding hole and attacking it. Will not break many long runs at next level because he simply doesn’t have speed or extra gear to create separation.
  • Blocking: Has little experience but shows natural instincts picking up blitz. Has perfect frame to anchor. Possesses great base as blocker but will need to work on technique and use of hands. Biggest challenge will be adjusting on move when asked to make downfield block.
  • Receiving: Mostly a dump-off type receiver. Has been reliable when asked to participate in passing game but a bit stiff as a route runner and hands undersized. Not a downfield threat but causes matchup problems when he gets ball in open field.
  • Overall: Most naturally powerful back in draft and has type of size/speed combo to wear down defenses. Premier-type back, but question remains whether he’s an every-down back. Has limited experience as blocker and receiver and has taken lots of hits, which worries scouts when analyzing potential durability.
  • Hint No.1: There was a 2000-yard runner in this draft class and this prospect is not that runner.
  • Hint No.2: That 2000-yard runner in this draft class was Jamal Lewis.

Scouting Summary No.2 – Wide Receiver

  • NFL Comparison: None listed but, described by this group as “Good size; five inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than average. Long arms and legs. Large hands . . . Long strider with outstanding speed for a player of his size.
  • Position Skills: Able to get smooth release from the line. Uses his hands and body well against defenders. Physical; a tough matchup for smaller corners. Smooth route-runner. Loses speed in and out of breaks. Lacks quickness. Able to create separation using his body to shield defenders from the ball. Will make the tough catch in traffic. Shows good body control in working the sidelines. Will fight for the ball. Comes back to the quarterback when the play breaks down. Soft, reliable hands. Will extend his hands and catch the ball out away from his body. Shows good concentration and seldom drops a catchable ball. Adjusts well to the ball in the air. has enough speed to stretch the defense and take a catch the distance, but lacks a burst. Impressive yards-per-catch average. Will need to improve his blocking skills.
  • Hint: Has been arguably one of the two most successful receivers of his draft class despite not earning a consensus top-15 rank at his position at the time.
  • Hint No.2: One of the consensus top-three prospects from this class I’m referring to sat out of football for a year before entering NFL Draft because NCAA ruled him ineligible after initially winning a court ruling vs. NFL for early entry.

Scouting Summary No. 3 – Running Back

  • Comparison: None provided, but he’s a bigger back.
  • Running Skill: Shows good instincts and vision to find holes. Makes quick cuts to get around blockers and into open space. Is a strong, competitive runner who maintains balance amid high hits to gain yards after contact . . .Runs upright; must learn to lower his shoulder and make himself a smaller garget. Is a one-speed runner. Gets tripped up by low grab tackles. Lacks elusiveness to make tacklers miss.
  • Overall: For a big rusher, lacks the explosiveness and elusiveness good NFL backs have. Teams should wait until at least the fifth round to grab [this back] because he isn’t likely to harness his potential and become a solid starter.
  • Hint: His 40-time was nearly 4.7 at the Combine.
  • Hint No.2: I compared him to Eddie George .

Scouting Summary No. 4 – Quarterback

  • Comparison: Ben Roethlisberger
  • Skills: Has a big-time arm. Can make every NFL throw with zip and accuracy. Is able to throw across his body with accuracy when flushed out of pocket. is able to put the ball right on target. Has a quick and compact delivery. Does an excellent job throwing the ball where only his man can make a play. Sees the entire defense well, goes through his progressions and is consistently able to find the open receiver. Does not force balls into bad spots. Identifies defense at the snap well. Is able to make plays with his feet. Can pull free from a potential sack, reset his feet and still get the throw off. Can pull the ball down and scramble for the first down….Has questions about whether he’s ready to handle the NFL. Is regarded as an excellent leader who takes command of a team and leaves no doubt that he’s in charge.
  • Overall: [Player] is only going to get better and should eventually become a top-line NFL quarterback who surpasses the achievements of position mates at [his college].
  • Hint: Easy once you get past the less-than-obvious comparison that might cloud things for you.
  • Hint No.2: His cohort at the top of this positional class went to high school near Dallas, Texas.

Scouting Summary No.5 – Wide Receiver

  • NFL Comparison: Jerry Rice
  • Skills: Exceptional hand-eye coordination and concentration. Rarely drops a pass. Can elevate and snatch in a crowd. Does an excellent job catching the ball at highest point. Has bigger hands than body would indicate. Catches away from body and pulls it in with one quick motion. Underrated route runner. Exceptional quicks and body control. Elite burst in and out of cuts. Understands passing game and knows where to be. Has good speed and separation of top vertical receiver and sharp movement, vision, quick hips and excellent feet of celebrated possession receiver. Will become the best in the league after the catch. All the tools and tremendous body control. Undersized, but runs hard enough and plays low enough to ground to pick up extra yardage. Rarely gets jammed because of exceptional feet. Shows outstanding double moves off line and uses hands well to create separation. May have trouble versus bigger, physical corners but is too quick to get jammed. Graduated with a degree in political science in December before draft.
  • Overall: Unquestionably top athlete in draft with chance to become all-time great.
  • Hint: If the draft was Wall Street and this player a bank, he’d be “too big to fail.”
  • Hint No.2: His WR teammate in college had a much more productive career.

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