2013 RSP Update & Film Notes

The writer is old, but his equipment has been upgraded thanks to you. Photo by Chandler Mowery.

Same old writer, but new equipment – thanks to you. Photo by Chandler Mowery.

It’s been a jam-packed month of travel and prospect analysis over at RSP headquarters. Today’s post reveals my first update of players I’ve done play-by-play study for the 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio – 168 players (and counting).Below is the list, but first some quick thoughts about some of the players I’ve watched this month.

Before I get to that, I’d like to thank my loyal readers, who’ve helped me make two investments back into this modest venture: A new PC with two monitors and a new television. My first trusty TV for player viewing was a late-`90s Sanyo standard screen box set that I bought at a pawn shop 10 years ago. It took up a third of my desk. As you can see above, the new set and the wall mount makes a great working environment. If you’re reading this then you’ve helped make this possible.

Quick Takes

A big part of studying players is projecting potential NFL performance provided that the work ethic, scheme fit, and organizational stability are all favorable. This is why that many of my favorite players that I study each year aren’t the marquee names in the Top-100. Ask anyone who truly studies the game – especially players – and you begin to see how players can develop into contributors, starters, or even stars despite lacking a marquee college pedigree.

  • A player I can see developing into a future contributor is Arizona QB Matt Scott. His footwork is a big cause of his inaccuracy down field, but a clue to him developing better accuracy is in the fact that he throws the ball well on the run. He has good velocity and an aggressive mindset with mobility than may suit this new age of NFL offense. I’d rather take a chance on Scott late or in free agency than draft Landry Jones. I know this will ruffle some feathers of Sooners fans, but I believe it is difficult for quarterbacks to improve down-field aggressiveness and anticipation. The mechanics can improve, but I believe Scott as the mentality than Jones lacks.
  • LSU has good college backs who have done little in the NFL: Keiland Williams, Charles Scott, Justin Vincent, Rondell Mealey, and Harvey Williams among them. Joseph Addai, Kevin Faulk, and Domanick Davis are noted exceptions. The best LSU back I have seen since Joseph Addai is one of my favorite runners in this draft class – junior Spencer Ware. I’ll be writing about him soon. When I do, you’ll wonder what’s been going on with Ware or LSU behind the scenes because he was under utilized. If you love the running style of Marion Barber or Marshawn Lynch, Ware is your kind of back.
  • It’s a subtle thing, but Central Florida runner Latavius Murray has one of the strangest styles I have seen in a runner in several years. I’m looking forward to watching more of him because the best way I can describe his style is the running back version of Drunken Master boxing. I’ll have my final verdict in the next 6-8 weeks, but let’s just say he’s entertaining.
  • Michigan State tight end Dion Sims reminds me an updated version of Steeler/Ravens tight end Eric Green. Big, fluid, and with soft hands, Sims will excite an NFL team with his potential. But if you’re seeking Pro Bowl upside, I can think of at least five tight ends that I’d rather take in this draft.
  • Seeking upside potential? Rutgers wide receiver Mark Harrison has the combo of physical skills and fundamentals to develop into a better pro than collegian. Big, physical, fast enough to get deep, and capable of big plays with the ball int he air, he’s going to have days in practices where he lights it up. The question will be if he can become a consistent producer.
  • I mentioned this on Twitter on Monday: Marquess Wilson may have cost himself a chance to get drafted after quitting the Washington State program, but if you watch Wilson against Oregon you’ll see a player who didn’t quit, didn’t celebrate little victories, and continued to battle despite dropping some passes that few NFL players would catch. I see a stronger-than-you-think receiver with preternatural skills to position himself between the incoming pass and the defense and a quick first step. Wilson and Spencer Ware are the two players I’d most like to interview this year with the perspective of a GM.
  • Ronnie Williams, T.J. Moe, and Ryan Swope all have slot skills that I’m looking forward to seeing develop at the next level. Moe and Swope are the most talked about, but Williams – a receiver from Houston – is a quick, powerful for his size, and reminds me of a more explosive Davone Bess.
  • Doug Farrar and I joked around about Nick Kasa at the Senior Bowl. I’ve given him the nickname the “Ulu Knife” because like this food prep tool, he’s useful, has unique properties, but might not fit in the every-day, household offense of the NFL.
  • Collin Klein has little to offer in terms of NFL-caliber accuracy, but I love watching him play football. If you appreciate good football appropriate to the level it is, watch a K-State game with Klein at the helm. I wish I could combine Klein’s mentality for the game into E.J. Manuel or Tyler Bray’s body.

First 2013 RSP Update

As always, the Rookie Scouting Portfolio will be available April 1 for download. Prepayment is available now. The post-draft analysis will be available a week after the NFL Draft. I’m happy to say I’m on schedule for the eighth straight year to meet that April 1 deadline. You can see the players I’ve watched (often multiple times) below. You can find this list here.


  • Collin Klein
  • E.J. Manuel
  • Geno Smith
  • James Vandenberg
  • Jordan Rodgers
  • Landry Jones
  • Matt Barkley
  • Matt Scott
  • Mike Glennon
  • Ryan Griffin
  • Ryan Nassib
  • Tyler Bray
  • Tyler Wilson


  • Andre Ellington
  • Benny Cunningham
  • C.J. Anderson
  • Cameron Marshall
  • Chris Thompson
  • Christine Michael
  • Cierre Wood
  • Curtis McNeal
  • Dennis Johnson
  • D.J. Harper
  • Ed Wesley
  • Eddie Lacy
  • Eric Stephens, Jr.
  • George Winn
  • Giovani Bernard
  • Isi Sofele
  • James Sims
  • James Washington
  • Jawan Jamison
  • Jeremy Brown
  • John White
  • Johnathan Franklin
  • Joseph Randle
  • Kenjon Barner
  • Kerwynn Williams
  • Knile Davis
  • Latavius Murray
  • Le’Veon Bell
  • Marcus Lattimore
  • Max Milien
  • Michael Dyer
  • Michael Ford
  • Miguel Maysonet
  • Mike Gillislee
  • Mike James
  • Montee Ball
  • Montel Harris
  • Onterrio McCalebb
  • Orwin Smith
  • Perry Jones
  • Ray Graham
  • Reggie Bullock
  • Rex Burkhead
  • Robbie Rouse
  • Silas Redd
  • Spence Wware
  • Stepfan Taylor
  • Stepfon Jefferson
  • Zac Stacy


  • Aaron Dobson
  • Ace Sanders
  • Andrell Smith
  • Andrew Bodenheim
  • Anthony Amos
  • Brandon Wimberly
  • C.J. Hammon
  • Cameron Saddler
  • Chris Harber
  • Chuck Jacobs
  • Cody Wilson
  • Cobi Hamilton
  • Conner Vernon
  • Cordarelle Patterson
  • Corey Fuller
  • Da’Rick Rogers
  • Darius Johnson
  • Darrin Moore
  • Daymond Patterson
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Desmond Scott
  • Devin Street
  • DeVonte Christopher
  • Drew Terrell
  • Dyrell Robert
  • Erik Highsmith
  • Harry Peoples
  • Ivan Delgado
  • Jamal Miles
  • Javone Lawson
  • Jerry Johnson
  • Jheranie Boyd
  • Jordan Matthews
  • Josh Boyce
  • Josh Jarboe
  • Justin Brown
  • Justin Hunter
  • Keenan Allen
  • Keenan Davis
  • Kenny Stills
  • Kevin Dorsey
  • Lanear Sampson
  • La’Rod King
  • Marcus Davis
  • Marcus Sales
  • Mark Harrison
  • Markus Wheaton
  • Marqise Lee
  • Marquess Wilson
  • Marquise Goodwin
  • Martell Moore
  • Matt Austin
  • Mike Shanahan
  • Myles White
  • Perez Ashford
  • Quinton Patton
  • Reggie Dunn
  • Robert Woods
  • Ronnie Williams
  • Roy Roundtree
  • Ryan Swope
  • Shaquelle Evans
  • Skye Dawson
  • Steadman Bailey
  • Tarvarres King
  • Tavon Austin
  • Taylor Stockemer
  • Terrence Williams
  • Theo Riddick
  • Tim Wright
  • Tobias Palmer
  • Tracey Moore
  • Tyson Williams
  • Uzoma Nwachukwu


  • Andrew Power
  • Ben Cotton
  • Brandon Ford
  • Chris Gragg
  • Colby Prince
  • D.C. Jefferson
  • Dallin Rogers
  • Dion Sims
  • Gavin Escobar
  • Jack Doyle
  • Jordan Reed
  • Joseph Fauria
  • Justice Cunningham
  • Kellen Barlett
  • Levine Toilolo
  • Mychal Rivera
  • Phillip Lutzenkirchen
  • Nick Kasa
  • Ryan Griffin
  • Ryan Otten
  • Tyler Eifert
  • Travis Kelce
  • Travis Tannahill
  • Vance McDonald
  • Zach Ertz
  • Zach Sudfeld
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