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My best three skill players at the Senior Bowl? Markus Wheaton, Quinton Patton, and Tyler Wilson would have earned my votes. Photo by John Martinez Pavliga.
My best three skill players at the Senior Bowl? Markus Wheaton, Quinton Patton, and Tyler Wilson would have earned my votes. Photo by John Martinez Pavliga.


Its always good to get new followers at the blog and on Twitter and there are a lot of new readers, thanks to the Senior Bowl coverage here, at Football Outsiders, and the New York Times. Special thanks to Jene Bramel and Cecil Lammey for their work this week, as well as the various folks I follow on Twitter who also sent readers our way. If you’re new to the RSP blog here are some links that I think will help you learn what you’ll get here:

  • 2013 NFL  Draft Analysis – This link as a running collection of analysis I’ve written – including Sr. Bowl coverage.
  • 2013 NFL Draft Analysis – Just like above, but for 2012.
  • What is the RSP? – New to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio? I have an annual publication that is available for download April 1 and available for prepayment now. This is why folks come here.

Every Friday, I post links to football and non-football reads as well as links to photos, music, and videos that catch my eye while I’m surfing. This week will have a more decided Sr. Bowl theme. If you’re new, I suggest you follow the blog and either signup for email notifications for content or add to your RSS Feed. And thanks to my loyal readers for the views, the feedback, and those who demanded I offer a prepayment option for the 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. 

Football Reads

  • Daniel Jeremiah’s Quick Hits on the Sr. BowlThe former Eagles and Browns scout liked Desmond Trufant, who we saw talk a good game and get beat on occasion by the better receivers at practice. However, CBS analyst Rob Rang is in Huskies country and he shared with us that he reserved judgment on Trufant this year because the Washington defense lacked a pass rush and forced the corner into unrealistic coverage situations deep. Rang likes what he saw of Trufant in practice and like Jeremiah is more confident. Bramel had some questions about Trufant’s hips, but also saw good things even if his analysis was a more critical. I also think the take that scouts were “intoxicated” by Marquise Goodwin’s speed is a dead-on assessment. Read into it a little more and I think intoxicated or hypnotized is a good word for a player who I think fits along the stylistic spectrum of Jacoby Ford, but hasn’t improved his ability to work off the jam and maintain good form and function as a route runner on a consistent basis since studying him last year. Here are my two takes of Goodwin (Part I and Part II)
  • Russ Lande’s Risers: I disagree with the Chris Harper assessment, especially as one being on top of the action every day he was out there. I’d characterize his performance as a mixed bag. However, I do agree with the rest of the skill player assessments – especially Vance McDonald.
  • Doug Farrar’s Take on E.J. Manuel – I think Doug makes some good arguments as to why Manuel not only has the highest upside of the quarterbacks here, but also a higher floor than many anticipate. Tyler Wilson is still my favorite QB in this class, but I saw enough from Manuel on film to buy into Farrar’s take.
  • Ryan Riddle’s Five NFL Draft Prospects Most Likely to Be Overdrafted – I dislike slideshows, but this one is worth it.

Listens & Views

More to Live For – This documentary profiles one of my favorite musicians, multi-Grammy winner Michael Brecker – who appeared on over 800 albums in his lifetime. Brecker died from a disease that required a matching blood marrow donor. The film highlights Brecker, a music executive, and Nigerian athlete who all had more to live for but blood marrow donations are still needed the way we give blood.

Non-Football Reads


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