Rumford Johnny: 2MugsFF

Von Miller is Rumford Johnny's Wrecking Crew. Photo by Jeffery Beall.
Von Miller is Rumford Johnny’s Wrecking Crew. Photo by Jeffery Beall.

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Pick Summary

  • Round 1: OLB/DE Von Miller
  • Round 2: QB Matt Schaub
  • Round 3: WR/KR/PR Randall Cobb
  • Round 4: CB Casey Hayward
  • Round 5: SS T.J. Ward
  • Round 6: OT Tyson Clabo
  • Round 7: C Chris Meyers
  • Round 8: RB Alfred Morris
  • Round 9: OT Roger Saffold
  • Round 10: TE Dennis Pitta 
  • Round 11: DE Brian Robison
  • Round 12: TE Dustin Keller
  • Round 13: WR Danario Alexander
  • Round 14: RB Shane Vereen
  • Round 15: WR Davone Bess
  • Round 16: OLB Thomas Davis
  • Round 17:
  • Round 18:
  • Round 19:
  • Round 20:
  • Round 21:
  • Round 22:

Pick Details

Round 1, Pick 13: Von Miller, Linebacker

Surveying what was left of the quarterbacks on the board, I didn’t see an impact player I wanted to take that high. Instead, I took a pass rusher in Von Miller, with 18.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles, a disruptive force that teams must game plan to stop. Also a player that covers up for a secondary that isn’t as good as advertised.

Droopy Dog look or not, Rumford Johnny is rolling with the Schaub. Photo by The Brit_2.
Droopy Dog look or not, Rumford Johnny is rolling with the Schaub. Photo by The Brit_2.

Round 2, Pick 52: Matt Schaub, Quarterback

Let’s not kid ourselves, if you pass on a QB in this David Bowie-Labryinth-Style-Serpentine draft, you’ll end up riding off into the sunset with Colt McCoy as your gunslinger, firing off his pea-shooter of an arm. When I took a closer look at the remaining QBs, I think Joe Flacco had little to complain about feeling disrespected, since there were a handful of QBs who were more effective (during the regular season) than he, namely Matt Schaub.

Sure, his Droopy Dog facade doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but he finished just outside of the top 10 in nearly every category, and finished seventh in completion %. Granted, he’s likely at his ceiling at this point, but that’s okay. I get a solid starter at QB with the 52nd pick, and still got my impact pass rusher in round one.

An RSP favorite and one of Rumford Johnny, Photo by Elvis Kennedy
An RSP favorite and one of Rumford Johnny. Photo by Elvis Kennedy

Round 3, Pick 84: Randall Cobb, Wide Receiver

Why Randall Cobb you ask? Simple. Same formula as my first pick on defense (Miller)…a dynamic playmaker. Cobb has quickly become a go-to favorite for Aaron Rodgers, is an electric return man, slot WR, and lines up in the backfield on occasion. He’s a Swiss Army wideout in the Hernandez mold, and his ceiling is sky high. Easy call for me at this point.

Round 4, Pick 108: Casey Hayward, Cornerback

Pleasantly surprised to find a top 5 CB still available in Casey Hayward. Arguably the best young CB in the league (with apologies to Richard Sherman), his arrow is pointing up, and a building block on my defense.

Round 5, Pick 149: T.J. Ward, Strong Safety

Round 6, Pick 173: Tyson Clabo, Offensive Tackle

Round 7, Pick 212: Chris Meyers, Center

Round 8, Pick 237: Alfred Morris, Running Back

Round 9, Pick 276: Roger Saffold, Offensive Tackle

Round 10, Pick 301: Dennis Pitta, Tight End

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  1. There are only two people behind you who had any possibility of taking a QB before your round 3 pick and there will be 22 non-qbs picked in that time (possibly more) So do you really feel the difference between Schaub and Vick/Dalton/Alex Smith is greater than a drop of off between the skill players you can get now and the ones you’ll be able to get 22 picks later?

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