Fantasy Mailbag Week 10

Rusty Locker? No, it’s Jake . . . Jake Locker. Photo by Neon Tommy

@JackedUp: Hey, how likely is it that Locker is rusty, has no chemistry with Britt and Britt has another dud? Vernon Davis or Britt?

A: I think Locker will have some rust, but based on past history I’d place more of the chemistry blame on Britt, who isn’t known for his work ethic rather than the young quarterback who is. I’d opt for Davis, because I still have concerns that Britt won’t be fully healthy this season.

@Lukinrats The thing I don’t get with A.Morris is that you talk how good he is in passpro and catching balls. They don’t use him at all

A:  Evaluating players is often about observing and analyzing potential skills. Morris looked good in drills and on the field in passing situations at Florida Atlantic. However, the Redskins use a lot of play action in its passing game and the reads are very quick. Griffin tends to read two receivers and tuck the ball if neither come open. He isn’t at the point where he’s checking the ball to his running back as often. However, if you watch the games, Morris has made some nice plays as a receiver on the uncommon occasion where he gets a target. The Giants game was a good example. Being good at something doesn’t mean that the team he’s on has the system to use that skill.

@biggsjm: Need to win, PPR league, start 2: Ryan Mathews, Reggie Bush, Michael Turner, Jacquizz Rodgers

A: Bush and Turner offer the least downside, but Mathews and Bush offer the best combination of playing time and upside.

@SamoanFootball: Matt, would you take 0 points at TE or drop one of the following to pickup a waiver wire tight end: Antonio Brown, Darren McFadden, or James Jones in a 10-team standard league. 

A: In a 10-team league, I’d consider dropping Jones in a 10-team league because waiver wires tend to be pretty deep. Good luck finding that tight end.

I like Shane Vereen’s chances to contribute this weekend versus the Bills, but there are some receivers I’d much rather start in his place. One of them is the Steelers wideout Emmanuel Sanders.

@footballrookies: Need to start two receivers and a flex: Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe, Hakeem Nicks, Sidney Rice, Torrey Smith, Titus Young and my backs are Fred Jackson, Steven Jackson, and Shane Vereen.

A: I like Nicks, Smith, and Marshall. Nice choices in general.

@GibsonFantasy  Would u play Vereen over EmSanders in a .5ppr? I started Ballard last night, so need points. Playing vs Ridley too.

A: I’d start Sanders with Brown out. Sanders would start for many teams in the NFL and as much as I like Vereen’s talent there’s no guarantee he sees significant time. The likelihood is good, but not as much as Sanders’ situation.

Carson Palmer is familiar with the Ravens due to his years with the Bengals, but is Josh Freeman a better option? Photo by Navin75

@DaneMuzio: Vick, Palmer, or Freeman? I’m 8-1 w/Vick all year, but losing confidence, thanks!

A: I like Freeman or Palmer. There’s not a much a difference between all three this week, but I think Palmer has the most upside but the almost as much downside as Vick. Freeman has the the least upside, but less down side. Still, I like Freeman’s matchup the best.

@Ariakis73 non ppr, I have Hillman/FJax and he has McGahee/Spiller. Both looking at a Week 14 bye. he laughed at my No.1 and Hillman for Spiller. What do you think? 

A: I think he loves Spiller. That’s all it is. He also feels he has the advantage because you are the one initiating the offer. In the natural flow of negotiations, if you’re making the first offer then he has the negotiation advantage. So if you want Spiller you’ll have to pay more. If he’s not worth more than you offered, just walk. He’ll come back to you with an offer if he wants to make a deal.


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