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Football Reads

Word of Muth: Crashing the Nickel  Football Outsiders writer Ben Muth looks that the Patriots success running on the Buffalo Bills.

Inside an NFL Practice: What Teams do to Prepare for the Week Ahead A Ryan Riddle joint.

Logan Thomas vs. Geno Smith: Which QB is Destined for a Brighter NFL Future? Sigmund Bloom

Zone Blocking: The Anti-McFadden Nathan Miller’s analysis of the Raiders’ difficult transition to a zone blocking scheme.

What is Wrong with Jay Cutler? Nick Whalen’s analysis of Cutler when he’s not playing disciplined football.

Manuel or Automatic? E.C. Stoner’s look at FSU QB E.J. Manuel


Thank You

Thanks to Eric Whalen and Nathan Miller for two strong pieces in the past two weeks (links below). Thanks to my readers for buying the Rookie Scouting Portfolio this year and years past. The fact that 10 percent of your purchase is something I get to donate to Darkness to Light to combat sexual abuse in communities around the country is fantastic.

Thanks to my buddy Legrant Scott III, otherwise known as Tres, for your friendship all these years. I hope all of you have at least one or two true friends in your life like him. You may not realize it, but you’re a big reason I’m writing today. Once again, Happy Birthday (yesterday).

Tres was my favorite teammate in 2-on-2, 3-on-3, or 7-on-7 football games in the neighborhood because he was short and no one saw the pain that was coming until we heard the smack and they felt the world rumble. I’m surprised we didn’t destroy the basement hallway of the apartment building where we faced each other in Oklahoma Drills that would have gotten us invites with Marty Schottenheimer’s Browns – otherwise known as the Daddy Team of the Baltimore Ravens.

That’s right B-More, don’t talk about the Ravens like they are descendants of Unitas, Moore, Ameche, Hendricks, or Donovan when it was built by Newsome and Modell. Cleveland is and will always be the Ravens daddy. Your real football descendants are stuck in the Midwest with football’s Paris Hilton and lots of Luck. Good thing they have a good, young GM. Sorry Cleveland, you’re saddled with a Steelers guy as the new owner of the team the league gave you after it let the one with your town’s mentality split. Shouldn’t it be illegal for a Steelers guy to own the team? Wait a minute, they already do.

Never mind.

Non-Football Reads

The Redemption of Sinead O’Conner Are you old enough to remember the controversy she created by tearing up a photo of the Pope after a performance on Saturday Night Live? In the light of the massive pedophilia scandal involving the Catholic church and the fact that human rights commission on torture is investigating the church O’Connor was sent to live as a child, America overreacted.

Congressman Who Compared Cigarettes to Smoking Lettuce Becomes Lobbyist for R.J. Reynolds

Dark Money Poured Into New Mexico Senate Contest

Exploring the Myths and Facts Shaping the Pit Bull Debate

Pit Bull Myths and Facts Infographic
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