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Falcons receiver Julio Jones is a world-class physical talent as a football player. However, until he can make the plays you see in the video above, he’s still playing a “B-game.” Jones is a good player with flashes of excellence and this is the component of his craft to monitor in order to see if he takes the next step in 2012.

This Weekend

If Texas receiver Marquise Goodwin learns how to consistently gain and maintain position like he does on this catch, he has a future as a vertical threat in the NFL. Learn more from Sterling Sharpe in the link to a coaching video below. Photo by Aaronisnotcool.

More on the craft of gaining separation from the line of scrimmage, with a play-by-play example of Texas speedster Marquise Goodwin.

Coming Soon: Cecil Lammey Q&A

Finally, Lammey and I had a chance to spend an hour with a digital recorder running. The newly syndicated host of “Riding Shotgun” is an aficionado of cattle roping, boars, and running backs. I’ll let him tell you about the chaps – I’m still getting treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. Expect to see this posted at the eve of the regular season.

New Project on the Horizon: NSFW Week

Watch out now, I’m about to let it fly. Details below.

If you listen to The Thursday Night Audible Roundtable, I sometimes let my irreverent side out for a walk (with a choke collar and a sturdy leash). Somtimes I also do it here.  I don’t know when, and I’m not sure what form it will take just yet, but I have a feeling sometime this fall, I’m going to have a “Wildman Uncensored: Not Safe For Work Week at the RSP.”

Pretty much anything and everything I wouldn’t share and laying it down unfiltered. I’ll provide advance warning for those of you who read my posts at work, or have more refined sensibilities. Apologies in advance, but I can feel the urge building to ‘let loose.’

Thank You

I’m still shocked that I haven’t seen an RSP Writers team with Robert Griffin at the helm. Seems criminal. Thanks to my readers for your enthusiastic support(Samuel, I promise to read your team soon).

I have awesome readers. You’re not only loyal, but your willingness to interact is fantastic. This might sound a little odd if you look at my comments sections on this blog and compare it to big sites that encourage reader feedback, but let me explain.

What I appreciate is the quality of interaction. The depth of analysis or intelligent takes you have provided for the writers at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Writers Project. The travel suggestions I receive when I mention that I’m heading out of town. The exchange of music clips or non-football articles.

A high volume of readers would have its benefits, but I wouldn’t trade it for the quality of people that read, interact, and contribute to this site. Two days ago, I follower of mine on Twitter and reader of my material had never seen the Rookie Scouting Portfolio so I sent him the link to this blog and mentioned my publication. He immediately asked me, which was the “pay link” because he wanted to support what I do.

This site is my baby and I have great affection for it because in major part to all of you who tell me how much you get out of it.


In Virtual Play, Sex Harassment Is All Too Real: When I was 15, the idea of engineering a phone call that sent a S.W.A.T. team adult’s house in the middle of the night would have been legendary. But in the context of a virtual world-turned-all too real and needs more parental monitoring? Another sign I’m getting older.

The RSP No-Huddle Series: I wrote these one-play takes prior to the draft about talented players that I expected to fall to the late rounds or not get drafted due to lack of exposure, injury history, or non-football concerns. This week, three of those players, LaVon Brazill, Bobby Rainey, and Bryce Brown have shined. Check them out.

The RSP Writers Project: The Sporting News’ Russ Lande, Footballguys’ Chase Stuart, Pro Football Focus’ Sam Monson, and Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller have all unveiled teams in the past two weeks. ESPN’s Matt Williamson, CBS’ Dave Ricard, and Footballguys’ Jene Bramel are up next, on deck, and in the hole. For the complete list of projects, here’s the RSP Writers Project Menu.


The Audible Beat Writer Tour: Sigmund Bloom and Cecil Lammey do a fantastic job interviewing some of the top scribes covering NFL practices around the country. Here’s one with The Florida Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly. Here’s a complete menu.


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