Another guy from my April No-Huddle Series looking good in camp. LaVon Brazill earning first-team reps. It’s early, but when a sixth-round pick gets a chance to take first-team reps that’s worth monitoring.

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio (RSP)

If you haven’t seen the announcement about my No-Huddle Series, read here. Since most of you don’t click links when you read (neither do I – at least not all of them), I’ll emphasize what’s important: this series is one-play displays of certain things I like about a player. They are not meant to generate sweeping conclusions of a player’s potential

Player No.1 in this series is Ohio wide receiver Lavon Brazill, a preseason All-American as a junior who missed most of that season due to injury. I have no expectation where Brazill will be drafted, if at all. I think he has skills to potentially develop into an NFL starter. I like what he flashes as a route runner, athlete, and catcher of the football. Here’s one play that embodies much of these positives:

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