According to Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh, undrafted free agent Bobby Rainey “is opening eyes” in camp. Here’s an analysis of Rainey’s game, a player I compared stylistically to Ray Rice. With Bernard Pierce struggling thus far, and an unproven depth chart at the position, Rainey is making the most of limited opportunities thus far.

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio (RSP)

The first person who tipped me off to Bobby Rainey was writer and researcher Chad Reuter, who worked at CBS Sportsline and NFL Draft Scout. Like many of the great tape grinders out there, I don’t get a chance to talk with them often or at great length because they are busy doing what I’m doing – working long hours. If this blog hasn’t helped you figure it out, the community of tape grinders who aren’t current NFL scouts is a cool group of people. If they recognize you as one of them, you learn that on the whole, they are hard-working, generous people with an abundance of humility.

Reuter is definitely one of these people. So it was a pleasant surprise last fall when he saw Rainey play, liked him, and

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