Beanie Wells: Microfracture?

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Second Opinion

When asked about his late January knee surgery yesterday, Beanie Wells told reporters that it was “just a scope,” then suggested it was “a little more complicated” than meniscus surgery. When asked specifically about microfracture surgery, Wells reportedly smiled but said no more, seemingly hinting he did have a microfracture procedure. Meanwhile, Wells’ agent Scott Howard told ESPN’s Mike Sando that Wells “did not undergo microfracture surgery or any other procedure requiring an extended recovery period,” but that the plan is to limit him until training camp.

Who should we believe?

I think it’s more likely that Wells had microfracture surgery.While it’s possible that Wells’ late January 2012 surgery was a simple clean out and meniscus repair, there are enough inconsistencies in the story to think otherwise.

We know Wells had surgery to repair a torn meniscus before the 2010 season and missed three weeks, including the first two games of…

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